5 Tips To Improve Photos For A Barbershop and Hair Salon

Daniel A., April 25, 2022

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They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it still is a true statement to this day. A picture is used as a form of representation of a moment that people will use to remember a time and place. In order to make sure there is a proper remembrance of moments in time, we have to place emphasis on the quality of the photographs that we take. 

In the year 2022, we have definitely reached a point where the equipment we use for pictures is very accessible. Our very own phones take pictures at a high enough quality that even years from today, we will still be able to have a clear enough idea of what the moment represented. However, the goal is to always try to get the best possible photo you can get using all the tools you can, if possible.

Thus when it comes to photography for barbershops and salons you have to be prepared to do what it takes to get the perfect pictures that will represent your work for those unfamiliar with it. In this article, we will give you 5 of the best tips to enhance your photos for your hair care business.

5 Tips To Improve Photos For A Barbershop and Hair Salon

Why Is It So Important to Have Quality Photos?

A business that is so focused on the quality of the outcome needs to be able to be as effectively represented as possible. If you cannot represent your work at a quality rate then those that haven’t personally experienced your work, probably never will. People are always scouring online in search of the best quality services, however, they are not just looking for great reviews, especially in the hair care industry. They also want to see happy clients with great-looking hairstyles. An investment into the photography of your business will most definitely give you a return on your investment because your marketing will be so much better.


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five tips to get the best hair salon and barbershop photos

The lighting in a photograph is probably the most important aspect of the whole process. The reason this is true is that if people cannot properly see what you are trying to show them then you have failed the task. The goal is to highlight your work, thus you literally need to light it properly. 

One of the best options that a lot of hairstylists use is called a ring light. These lights come in various sizes but a large one is most recommended. However, if money is an issue, they do have ring lights that can attach to your smartphone and can produce high quality. 

Another form of lighting that is great to use is natural lighting. Obviously, not every business has the opportunity to have access to natural light based on location or time of day but if it is possible step outside. The lighting given from natural light adds a beautiful hue to your pictures that a salon or barbershop environment cannot provide. 

Overall, you want to make sure you can clearly see the work that you have done to your client’s hair. If you cannot get all the details shown clearly then it will be hard to promote yourself as a hairstylist that is skilled in different ways.

Pay Attention to the Background

A good picture starts with lighting but the next factor to care for is the background. If you think hard enough you can think of a funny meme on the internet that stems from something happening in the background of a picture or video. If the person behind the camera was paying attention they could have avoided it.

A proper background is clean and usually a solid color. The focus of the photo should be strictly on the client’s hair; anything else will be a distraction and take away from the quality of the photo. If you do not have a plain background available you should invest in a backdrop that you utilize for photos. Keep it simple and plain.

Take A Lot of Pictures

Oftentimes a mistake made by hairstylists when they take pictures is not taking enough photos. It is very important that you walk away from the photo session with your client with many angles photos. If you do not take enough photos then you can end up reviewing your photos later and not being satisfied with them. However, since the client is gone by then there is no way to rectify the situation, thus you either have to settle for what you have or not use those photos. Another reason for taking a large number of photos is because it gives you content to post on a rainy day. Social media rewards consistency but some days you may not have done any new haircuts or hair styling so it is good to have a reserve of photos you can post to make up for that. 

As mentioned prior, you should try to take pictures from a variety of positions. This includes catching side profiles, back of the head, from above, etc. Do not be afraid to experiment with the camera because you may figure out an angle that you really like. Remember you only want to show off your best work. When it comes to storage space on the camera you can always delete the photos you absolutely will not be used to clear up space.

best barbershop and hair salon photos

Editing Photos

This aspect of photography is a bit of a “touchy” subject because some feel that editing photos are “cheating” because it will be different from what it does in person. However, we are here to tell you that it is not cheating because almost everyone edits their photos. 

Now, you definitely do not want to go overboard with the editing. We do not recommend actually editing the haircut or hairstyle itself. Rather, you should focus on editing the saturation, adding light to the background, erasing blemishes from the client’s face, and other small touch-ups of that nature. The goal is to provide the best version of the work you did, not to create a falsified version of it. Enhancing lighting and background just allow for your work to be shown in the best light possible. 

A good app that a lot of professionals in this industry use is called  “Facetune” which you can find in the App Store. One of the features on Facetune called the “whiten” feature allows you to quickly and easily clear up the background of any photo which makes the hair stand out. Also, there are tools to help you cover up any imperfections your client’s face may have, which is important because they will really appreciate this gesture and likely be more comfortable with pictures in the future.

Buy A Decent Camera

A great part of living in the age of technology that we do is that in our hands daily is a camera worthy of usage for quality images, especially for social media. However, everyone will be using their smartphones so you should get ahead of the competition by investing in a more professional camera. 

A DSLR camera (camera that allows you to change lenses) will be a great advantage for you to use to take pictures of your clients. Not only is the quality higher but it gives you and your business a more professional or competent look. Canon and Nikon are the most trusted brands and both companies offer new cameras and lens kits for under $500. Photos from your camera can be edited and posted on social media the same way that photos from your smartphone can but now they will be of higher quality. 

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.