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Daniel A., January 5, 2022

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If you’re trying to decide Trainerize vs Persona, you’d be happy to hear that one of the best opportunities we all have nowadays is the opportunity to research using our access to technology. There are a lot of different applications (apps) that can help us in a myriad of ways in our individual lives. However, we have reached a point where there are so many options that it can become overwhelming to choose what is best for your usage.

An example of where this has occurred is with consumers when they come across the apps Persona and Trainerize. Both are heralded as apps that can significantly assist in handling parts of your personal life tremendously. 

For a quick comparison between Trainerize and Persona, please see the table below:

Persona vs Trainerize Features TrainerizePersona 
Payment collection and reminders
Scheduling and booking
Client Management
Real Business Account
Full FDIC Insurence 
Backed up by a powerful and trustworthy payment Company. 
100% free forever
Expenses Management
Business Visa Card
App not required for the client to book
Automatic tax calculation and savings
No-fee business checking account
Built specifically for self-employed pros

On the surface, both apps can appear to be similar but once you utilize them you can easily see the differences. Persona, which is the only one that is 100% free, and Trainerize don’t have to be put against each other; they may actually benefit you if used simultaneously. Throughout this article, you will be able to understand their differences and see their usefulness too.

trainerize alternative

Trainerize Alternative? Persona could be a great fit

Each app has its own field that it operation in. The Apple App Store classifies the Trainerize app as “Health & Fitness” and the Persona app as “Finance” which already lets you know that we are going to go down different paths when dissecting the two. Make note of what benefits each has that personally answer to the needs that you directly are searching to be fulfilled. The following is a proper breakdown of the overview of each application.

Trainerize vs Persona: The Basics of the Apps

Persona is the operating system for wellness professionals and entrepreneurs with a mission of handling all the ‘business and financial tasks you didn’t become a wellness professional for.” Beyond just its mission statement the app prides itself on being free for its users. The stand-out aspect of Persona is that it operates as a bank without taking money from you in fees, transfers, and wires. Also, they are known to have a high functioning human customer service. 

Trainerize advertises its mission, according to its website, is to make fitness accessible. They have a goal of helping trainers and fitness businesses reach new clients, increase the relationship between current clients, and promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone overall. It has appeared in publications such as InStyle, where it was stated that the app is like a dating app but instead of for dating it’s for fitness. Trainerize currently has 25,000+ fitness businesses, 200,000 coaches, 1,000,000+ clients, and much more in its network.   


  • Payment Collection: Sell services, collect payments, send reminders, and track package usage all from within the app.
  • Hassle-Free Scheduling: No need for lengthy back-and-forths with your clients. They can book pre-approved timeslots by themselves.
  • Your Own Online Store: Share the link with your clients, and they can purchase any of your services without having to go through you. No downloads are needed.
  • Taxes: They’ll automatically generate your Schedule C/1040 to make sure you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Expense Management: We’ll save you hundreds of dollars by allowing you to easily track deductible expenses come tax season.
  • Real Business Accounts: Enjoy every feature of your traditional bank account, and many more, through their financial partners — Goldman Sachs & Stripe.
  • Quick Application: The signup process is quick and easy.
  • FDIC Insurance Eligible: Money is fully FDIC insured, so sleep well knowing your money is 100% safe.
Trainerize vs Persona
Trainerize vs Persona


  • Training: build training templates for clients, create workouts, create fitness targets, monitor clients, custom workout videos, track client nutrition, workouts, etc.
  • Video Calling: Utilize this for PT calls, consultations, assessments, 1on1 sessions, personalize client training experiences, combine group and video features to build your own community and keep members connected.
  • Nutrition: create your own meal plans, check on clients’ consumption, set nutritional goals 
  • Habit coaching: Trainerize offers to help schedule habits for the clients to practice on a daily basis. Example: “Eat until 80% full.”
  • Communication: In-app messaging, client/trainer notifications, automated messages, offline client list, Skype calls
  • Business Growth: Custom branded apps for personal trainers, seamless in-app payments, link other payment solutions, link social media, offers marketing materials, and branding.
  • Get an online public profile that connects you to over 100 million users in the digital fitness community. Consumers have the opportunity to find you by location or specialty, and connect.

Standout Features

We have listed all the features of both apps but they each have a standout feature that most consumers are drawn to. 

Persona has its Smart Scheduling and Payment Collection. This is a key part of the app’s functionality because it takes all the work off the user’s hands. The app creates a personalized store where your clients can buy a package or session and schedule their sessions at the times you have already made known you are available. You can even initiate a payment request to a client. After sending the request the app will even send reminders to the client if not fulfilled immediately.

Trainerize has a focus on business marketing and within it, they allow for the user to have a profile. This profile gives users the ability to connect to millions of users based on location and specialties. A feature like this stands out because it gives a lot of ease to clients to find trainers instead of searching the internet for hours on end to find a perfect match.


When considering Trainerize vs Persona, as mentioned earlier in the article, Persona prides itself on being a free service for its user. In fact, the website even says “100% free forever”, which tells that they have no plans to change that. While looking at all the features the app has it’s almost hard to believe that they do not charge for their services. 

Now there is a stout difference in pricing for Trainerize. The app does offer a free plan however it would be based on having just one client. If you plan on having any more clients then you are looking at varying prices because they offer monthly and yearly plans. For example, Trainerize’s “Grow” plan is five dollars monthly but four dollars and fifty cents for yearly plans. Also what comes with each plan is access to different features on the app, such as the “Grow” plan and higher plans having access to in-app payments, while the free plan does not give that option. 

Choosing a plan with Trainerize will take time for you to think about your finances and clientele. Trainerize has plans that support an unlimited amount of clients however the pricing does get higher. Persona does not have any plans within the app so a user does not have to make any tough decisions on what is best for their usage.

Trainerize alternatives
Looking for a Trainerize alternative?


A blog may not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on using any app. You may not even care about downloading the app. However, a blog is something that can come in handy for the apps’ users. The centralization of information that refers to the knowledge you would want or need to have is usually found within blog posts on both of the apps’ websites.

Both of these apps have blogs that provide a lot of information for their users pertaining to the fields and industries that they serve. If you explore the blogs for them you will find articles that detail how to accomplish goals such as becoming a personal trainer, transitioning to virtual training, onboarding new clients, must-have resources and so much more. The blogs are well researched and written which makes them simple to understand. One should think of the blogs as an extra add-on to the already users of the apps themselves.

Trainerize vs Persona – Which Is For You?

By now you have been able to read and understand that both Persona and Trainerize have some similarities but are definitely more different than they are alike for the user. In saying that, if anyone is in debate as to which app is best for them they may not need to choose one or the other. 

The first app, Persona, works more like a banking app (without taking any money from you) and gives the user opportunity to lessen the work of handling finances and business tasks so that they can focus on the services they provide. Trainerize, the second app, operates as a way for trainers and clients to both benefit from an easier training experience. The app allows clients to access a lot of information and options to better their training involvement. Also, it lets the trainer promote their services in a way they would not be able to do on their own.

Trainerize or Persona, which one is best?

In the end, whichever service you are looking for whether it be Persona’s or Trainerize, take into account all that you personally need before making that decision. Additionally, do not forsake the possibility of using both together as they can serve a multitude of your needs.  


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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