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Lisa R., January 7, 2022

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So you’re looking to compare TrainerFu vs Persona. Cosmetologists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and yoga instructors have one big thing in common – a passion for wellness. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, wellness “is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit”. In other words, your goal is to help your clients learn how to adopt and maintain a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. 

As a fitness entrepreneur, you may be in search of innovative and useful methods for conducting your business. You have come across multiple apps, some may seem like the best apps for personal trainers, and maybe are unsure which one may be better for you. How much do they cost? Is the price worth it for the services you’ll be receiving? Exactly what services do they provide to help you within your business?

To help guide you out, we have provided a comparison between two apps – Persona and TrainerFu, with the goal of demonstrating that Persona is the right option for you and other entrepreneurs within the wellness business. Why? Let’s take a look.

For a quick comparison between TrainerFu and Persona, please see the table below:

Persona vs TrainerFu Features TrainerFuPersona 
Payment collection and reminders
Scheduling and booking
Client Management
Real Business Account
Full FDIC Insurence 
Backed up by a powerful and trustworthy payment Company. 
100% free forever
Expenses Management
Business Visa Card
App not required for the client to book
Automatic tax calculation and savings
No-fee business checking account
Built specifically for self-employed pros

Looking for a TrainerFu Alternative?

Scoring 5.0 on the app store, Persona labels itself as “The operating system for wellness businesses,” providing “all-in-one management…for wellness professionals”. The first noticeable difference between TrainerFu and Persona is that the latter is completely free. This means that Persona users will have to pay no monthly subscriptions or fees at any time. The same goes for their clients.   

On its official website, Persona prides itself on the fact that the registration process is fast and simple. The website presents the app’s services:

TrainerFu Alternative
TrainerFu Alternative

Payment Collection

As an entrepreneur in the wellness business, you can use Persona to sell your services, collect payments from clients, send reminders to clients, and track package usage. This feature can simplify the methods you use to run your business by placing technology at the heart of it. You can launch payment requests to clients by sending an invoice and requesting the payment via email.

Though similar to TrainerFu in this sense, one great difference is that Persona is backed up by a powerful and trustworthy institution within the financial and banking community, Goldman Sachs & Stripes Payment Company. 

Through the payment collection feature, your clients can buy a package or session themselves. By doing this, clients schedule appointments with you themselves, therefore taking a load off your shoulders and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. They can do this by putting their credit card information into the secure link provided by Persona, therefore paying for your services with no hassle.


Clients can schedule appointments themselves through pre-approved timeslots. By using this app for scheduling, you can keep track of the sessions that clients have scheduled. This helps you stay on track with the classes that have been booked and the ones for which you are still available. Furthermore, scheduling through Persona can improve client relations since most people nowadays are in search of fast and simple solutions to their problems and needs.

100% free, like everything else that Persona provides its users, this feature allows you to sell your services to clients based on their needs. They have the option to choose between buying a session, a package, or a subscription from you very easily. When considering TrainerFu vs Persona, this aspect should probably be front and center.

Your Online Store

This is similar to what TrainerFu offers, as you can share the direct link of your online store with your clients. However, there is a difference worth mentioning. By accessing your online store, clients can acquire any of the services offered by you, without having to download anything. In other words, another difference between TrainerFu and Persona, aside from the fact that Persona is free (no monthly subscription or any payment whatsoever), is that accessing the online store of an entrepreneur requires no download. 

Assistance with taxes

No one likes doing taxes. This is why the Persona team will create your Schedule C/Form 1040, therefore easing the annual process of filing for taxes. Also, Persona prides itself on offering its users help with keeping track of incoming and outgoing transactions throughout the years. This feature, which on the app’s website is called “Tax Bucket” allows you to calculate your taxes beforehand and set aside a percentage of your income towards taxes.

Expense Management

Through the app, you can track the deductible expenses from your business. This is a great tool to save money. By understanding your expenses, you can also gain an understanding of how much income you can make monthly and annually.

Real Business Account

This feature provides Persona users with some of the advantages of a real bank account without the hassle of going through a bank, all provided through Goldman Sachs & Stripe Payments Company. 

Though free for its users, Persona offers wellness entrepreneurs a safe, reliable tool to manage incoming and outgoing costs and payments from clients. In the TrainerFu vs Persona comparison – TrainerFu comes up short because they offer no business account whatsoever.

TrainerFu vs Persona - which is best?
TrainerFu Alternative

FDIC Insurance Eligible

 We have established so far that this app is free. Still, you may be unsure of placing your trust and funds into a new app. Rest assured, we understand this. 

When using Persona, you should know that your money is FDIC insured (not to be confused with other types of insurance you need as a personal trainer). In other words, you don’t need to simply take out word for it, as there is a safety net in place to help you sleep well at night. 

So far, we have provided you with insight into how Persona works, how much it costs to use it (absolutely nothing), and what it provides. Yet, there is one we haven’t mentioned. After signing up to use the app, you can save even more money once you receive your Persona card. With this card, you can buy products in your field of your, at discounted prices. 

Now, let’s take a look at the other app in this article, TrainerFu.

With a score of 4.8 stars on the app store, TrainerFu labels itself as “The only Personal Training Software that makes you productive anywhere, not just at your desk.” This description is meant to encompass the way they do things. Basically, TrainerFu prides itself on creating a personalized app for your business which you and your clients can download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Within this customized app, you have access to all the basic features provided by the TrainerFu app and premium support from their team.

The app provides tools for managing your business, at a cost. 

Paying clients (this is you, wellness entrepreneurs) can build customized workout plans for your own clients, which you can send directly to their phones. The app also offers workout templates that trainers and coaches can download and use with their own clients.  TrainerFu vs Persona? TrainerFu does not offer FDIC insurance as best as we can tell.

App Features

The app’s features include :

Tracker: helps you track the workouts and nutrition of your clients, set goals for them, and keep track of their progress. As a side note, you can always recommend a few of the best podcasts for nutrition to your clients as a supplementary source of information.

Client Engagement: on the app, you can chat with your clients, share useful workout and nutrition content with them, and send awards (e.g. badges) for good workouts or progress

Create Groups: these can be personal groups (small number of people, more private) or larger ones, where you can have group messaging. You can choose which type of group you want to create based on the needs and preferences of your clients. Furthermore, this feature allows you to also assign one workout plan to a wider group, rather than just personalized workouts to individual clients

Payment: You can build training packages, through which you can collect payments from clients, send them reminders and workouts, and through which you can basically collaborate with clients about important aspects of the work they do with you.

Integration: You can connect the app with other apps, like Fitbit, Youtube, MyFitnessPal, and Stripe. 

Now, what I have presented to you so far sounds great. And by the time you’ve reached this sentence, you’ve probably convinced yourself that TrainerFu is the right option for you. But, you need to understand that their prices are far from low. In fact, more than a few users have brought it up as a complaint in the review section on the App Store. 

Their prices are directly related to the number of clients you have. In other words, the more money you make as your number of clients increases, the higher their prices go:

Studio Branded option: for 1 to 60 clients, the monthly subscription is $99. 

Gym Branded: for 61 to 300 clients, the monthly subscription is $169, 

Custom: for more than 300 clients, the price is customized based on the number of people you’re servicing. 

In other words, if you’re just starting off in the world of wellness entrepreneurship, and only have 9 clients, you are still expected to pay $99 every month to use the app’s services. And this can be a problem for many, especially those who are at the beginning of their journey. And yes, we’re aware that you need to have money to make money, but expensive services, though useful, are not an option for many.

Aside from paying for the customized app, paying clients are also expected to sign up for a monthly subscription, the prices of which, once again, go higher as your clientele increases. This subscription provides all the basic features within the app, alongside premium support and it is separated into three categories:

Trainer: for 1 to 20 clients, it costs $29 a month

Trainer Plus: for 21 to 40 clients, it costs $45 a month

Studio: for 41 to 40 clients, it costs $59 a month

One thing that TrainerFu makes clear on their app, however, is that you can upgrade or downgrade the plan if they feel like the one they had initially picked is not the right choice. Furthermore, if you’re unsure about the app and would like to try it out without paying, there is a two-week trial run, at the end of which you can cancel “ with just a single click.” 

TrainerFu or Persona? Choose well.

Before choosing to sign up for a monthly TrainerFu subscription, be ready to spend a significant amount of money every month. On top of the prices for the subscriptions, TrainerFu has in-app purchases, which may deter some wellness entrepreneurs from committing to such a big financial responsibility. 

Though the app’s services are free for your clients, you may find that the services provided by TrainerFu can be pricey, from the get-go. And the more you advance in your business, meaning the more clients you get, the more money you need to pay for those services.

Final Word – TrainerFu Alternative

You have a passion for helping others. After all, that’s why you decided to be a wellness entrepreneur, to begin with. But who is helping you? And we’re not talking about the support that family and friends may give you, or the occasional useful tutorial to teach you new methods you can adopt in your classes. 

Who is helping you with the business side of your work? With filing taxes, scheduling clients, keeping track of your incoming profits and your outgoing expenses? Who is helping you collect payments from your clients easily, keep track of your deductible expenses and make sure that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg in the process? 

Though both apps presented in this article – TrainerFu vs Persona – provide useful business tools to wellness entrepreneurs, Persona goes a step farther than competing businesses, by providing services that are completely free, and offering tools that go beyond the parts of your business that directly involve clients (e.g. taxes).

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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