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Bee B., November 6, 2021

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Nutrition Professional? Check Out These Podcasts!

With a seemingly endless amount of podcasts available, it’s hard at times to find ones that suit your needs. Cooking, comedy, fitness, storytelling, self-improvement – for any topic, it seems there’s a podcast for it. Luckily for dietary professionals, this same logic applies.

After listening to a variety of dietary podcasts, along with a list of the best podcasts for personal trainers, we’ve identified the following podcasts as the most exceptional – providing any dietary, nutritional, or wellness professional quality entertainment and education. 

Next Level Nutrition Biz Blog – Stephanie Long

Stephanie Long, business coach for nutritionists, details her journey in the nutrition industry as well as its ever-changing trends in her podcast-blog Next Level Nutrition Biz Blog. Long started her journey in nutrition as a registered holistic nutritionist.

She then became a culinary nutrition expert, an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and finally served as an advisory committee member of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association.

With such experience, Stephanie Long provides a helpful resource for any aspiring nutritionist or dietitian through her blog and podcast – covering topics such as creating email lists for clients, leveraging clients through social media apps such as TikTok and Pinterest, and starting a nutrition business while in school. One aspect I greatly appreciate in Long’s work is the detail she puts into her podcasts.

For instance, she provides a quick summary of topics discussed in each episode and what listeners can expect to learn from them – so they can quickly find podcasts relevant to them. In each episode, Long also features links to resources she uses to help listeners take advantage of. Stephanie Long’s podcast is available on her website for listening.

Nutrition for Your Business – That Clean Life

That Clean Life’s Nutrition for Your Business is a high-quality production podcast – even having video support for their podcast so you can tune in visually if desired. Founded in 2014 with the goal of enabling health professionals in delivering personalized and accessible nutritional guidance, That Clean Life has enabled the success of numerous health professionals through its software.

In their podcast, That Clean Life offers professional advice to health and nutrition professionals, teaching important industry topics such as how to improve client dietary adherence, generate a consistent flow of clients, scale a nutrition business, and the logistics behind pricing and selling nutrition services.

Though short in length (10 to 20 minutes per episode), That Clean Life proves an exceptional source for learning the inner workings of the nutrition industry. The video form of their podcast may be found on their website, whereas an audio-only version may be found on Apple Podcasts.

Dietitian Boss – Libby Rothschild MS, RD, CPT 

In her podcast Dietitian Boss, Libby Rothschild addresses the ever-changing trends and methods of growth in the nutrition/healthcare industry, teaching professionals in these industries how to utilize social media and other tools to advance their careers.

As a former clinical worker, Libby Rothschild transitioned into a social media influencer – leveraging her knowledge of nutrition to create an educational series across social media to teach various pediatric and dietary topics.

With the rise of the pandemic, Rothschild notes alarming changes in the nutrition industry – consumers look to social media for nutritional advice, even saying “brick and mortar dietitians have their storefront wide open collecting cobwebs”. Rothschild created the Dietitian Boss Method program to help over 200 dietitians leave clinical positions and transition brick and mortar businesses into fully virtual businesses.

With the Dietitian Boss podcast, Rothschild explores both the financial and digital marketing tactics she teaches her clients – ranging from topics such as the importance of profit margins, the role of budgeting in scaling a business, optimizing growth on platforms such as YouTube, and generating multiple revenue streams as a clinician. Her podcast is available for listening on Apple Podcasts

The Nutrition and Ambition Podcast – Joannah Konecny

Releasing episodes on a near-monthly basis, Joannah Konecny’s up-and-coming The Nutrition and Ambition Podcast discusses her experience and knowledge of the dietary and nutrition aspects of the wellness industry.

As a registered dietitian, Joannah Konecny offers a level of expertise in the field of nutrition in her podcast – utilizing this knowledge to help teach aspiring nutrition and dietary coaches how to grow their audiences on platforms such as Instagram, how to close sales through direct messaging on social media, the logistics of running profitable masterclasses, and even the legal implications of operating small businesses online.

Rather than touting menial aspects of business management and preaching to the choir, Konecny cuts to the chase on delivering meaningful advice on nutrition coaching – with her episodes leaving the listeners with real-world applicable tips on how to operate a business, including how to get more personal training clients, as well as the logistics behind it.

With a lighthearted, bubbly tone providing a comforting feeling while listening, Konecny effectively delivers her advice and experiences on her podcast in an engaging manner without any monotony. For dietitians and nutrition coaches, Konecny undeniably offers an insightful and entertaining podcast to listeners – you can find her podcast on Apple Podcasts.

The Unconventional RD Podcast – Erica Julson

As remote services continue to impact a multitude of industries, many nutrition, and dietary professionals have turned to the internet for methods of advancing their careers. Erica Julson, registered dietitian, founded the Unconventional RD Community to help other dietary professionals utilize their industry knowledge outside of their 9-5 jobs to further their careers by generating alternative income streams.

Blogging and crafting her internet presence in the dietary industry since 2011, Erica offers a level of expertise in utilizing the internet to establish a presence in the dietary industry.

Erica Julson’s The Unconventional RD Podcast details the pros and cons of some of these methods – discussing the likes of dietary consulting, blogging, affiliate marketing, online programs, starting personal training businesses, and even podcasting.

She analyzes and compares the benefits and consequences of blogging versus social media, utilizing online marketplaces, and how to legally protect your online business. Frequently featuring other respected dietitians on her podcast, Julson features a diverse set of colleagues with their own unique opinions and perspectives on the nutrition industry. Her podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and her website.

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