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Persona Team, November 2, 2021

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Whether doing the laundry, commuting to work, cooking a meal, or even just relaxing at home – podcasts have risen as one of the most popular forms of media in recent years.

Encompassing numerous topics, listeners may choose to tune into a variety of podcasts that align with any of their interests. We’ve decided to round up the best podcasts for personal trainers, each has a slightly different approach. If you’re looking for information specifically regarding ways to get more personal training clients, we suggest you read this piece.

Podcasts prove themselves a great way to learn – offering in-depth discussions about a multitude of focused topics that help listeners not only learn new information but also implement said information in their daily lives.

As fitness professionals, we’re always on the move – so we’ve curated a list of the most entertaining and informative fitness business podcasts for you to tune in to at your leisure to foster your growth and success in the fitness industry. Hope you enjoy it!

Two Brain Radio – Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper’s Two-Brain Radio focuses on the entrepreneurial struggles of being a fitness professional, offering his insights and experience in the field to the listeners of the podcast. Initially struggling as a gym owner, Cooper details his personal struggles with his business – humbly transforming it into a learning experience for listeners to help them understand which opportunities to take and pitfalls to avoid as an independent worker.

Topics on Two-Brain Radio range from interviewing other wellness professionals on their stories and experiences, how to make successful client connections, the implications of operating a gym during and post-pandemic, and even detailing the stages of gym ownership and how to offer successful fitness classes.

Here’s the list of best personal trainer podcasts

A great aspect about Cooper’s podcast is how he implements real-life scenarios based on his experiences in his episodes, providing a sense of shared experience for fellow gym owners while offering his own insights as to how he handles certain scenarios – such as what to do when the gym down the street is copying your ideas and undercutting your prices. Chris Cooper’s podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and it’s not considered one of the best podcasts for personal trainers for nothing!

Gym Owners Fitness Business Podcast And Women Leaders Fitness Business Podcast – Mel Tempest

CEO and founder of Ignite Fitness Business events Mel Tempest shares secrets to her success, fitness business advice, and her experience as a female business influencer and ambassador. Tempest is a powerful voice in the industry – having spoken at numerous fitness-related events such as IHRSA, FIBO USA, FIT SUMMIT, EXPRO, and FILEX.

In her podcast, Mel Tempest platforms a diverse set of industry topics I don’t see most other fitness business podcasts willing to tackle – she discusses the implications of leveraging AI and data analytics as a gym owner, data insights from gyms opening post-COVID, and caring for the mental health of your fitness business team to garner success in the industry.

Moreover, Mel Tempest features a variety of other fitness influencers on her podcast for interviews and discussions – such as the aforementioned Chris Cooper! With episodes usually ranging between 20-40 minutes, sometimes longer when featuring guests, I highly recommend tuning into Mel Tempest’s podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Box Talk – Box Pro Magazine

On Box Talk, the hosts from Box Pro Magazine discuss topics ranging from nutrition coaching to cross fit, and the management and development of these businesses. Box Pro Magazine offers itself as a business resource for fitness affiliates and coaches, providing helpful articles and peer-to-peer gym ownership coaching groups to help aspiring gym owners connect with each other and share practices and successes.

On their podcast, Box Talk hosts a variety of fitness professionals – bringing on guests (such as Chris Cooper again!) discussing the likes of owning and managing CrossFit and nutrition businesses, corporate wellness programs, and digital marketing (psst, we have an article about digital marketing for yoga specifically). With episodes averaging around 45 minutes in length, Box Talk offers an in-depth discussion of their episode topics – helping listeners gain extensive knowledge on the subject.

At almost 100 episodes to date, Box Talk provides an ample source of fitness business content to help aspiring professionals learn the ins and outs of the business. Box Talk can be found on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

Create Freedom: Fitness Entrepreneurship and Marketing – Dan Garner and Kevin McClelland

On their shared podcast, Garner and McClelland discuss strategies for growth and productivity in the fitness industry – helping listeners understand marketing tactics, networking, and a multitude of other helpful skills for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs.

Host of The Garner Report, Dan Garner has both his own fitness podcast and experience as a health and fitness coach.

With Garner as the author and McClelland as the editor, the pair has also authored two books for hockey training – as McClelland is a former hockey player.

Focusing on business strategy, the podcast offers advice on how to evaluate market demand for your products and services, decision fatigue, networking outside of social media, and how to develop better relationships as an entrepreneur – all vital skills to succeed in the fitness industry. 

If you’ve heard of other podcasts for personal trainers please let us know!

At roughly 10 to 20 minutes per podcast, Garner and McClelland create easily consumable, yet information-packed, podcast episodes honing in on these specific topics for a focused, insightful discussion.

With almost 100 episodes, the duo offers a vast assortment of topics for listeners to delve into on Apple Podcasts. This one definitely deserves to be another item on the best podcasts for personal trainers hall of fame!

The Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast – Phil Graham 

Tailored to those in fitness, Phil Graham’s The Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast focuses on the discussion of growing and developing a successful fitness business.

Coaching fitness professionals, Phil Graham has written numerous blog articles and books about the industry, providing his mentorship and advice to newcomers and seasoned professionals alike – even featured on his own Ted talk about customer success.

Episodes usually range within the 15 to 30-minute timeframe, but some episodes can run past an hour in duration – so whether you’re in a time crunch or have an hour to spare, The Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast offers episodes for all time durations. 

On his podcast, Graham discusses the likes of establishing a business’s presence on social media, how to source and retain personal training clients satisfied, and how to generate cash flow in fitness-related businesses.

You won’t be disappointed to hear what Phil Graham has to offer on the topic of fitness entrepreneurship.

best podcasts for personal trainers
Best Podcasts for Personal Trainers

The NASM-CPT Podcast With Rick Richey

The NASM-CT Podcast with Rick Richey is a great podcast for fitness professionals. Rick is a most successful personal trainer with over 20 years of experience.

In this podcast, he discusses topics such as training methods, program design, and motivation. He also interviews other fitness professionals, so you can learn from their experiences.

One of the most useful aspects of this podcast is that Richey also discusses what he is doing in his personal life. This makes him more relatable to fitness professionals, making them want to listen to his advice even more. He is also the owner of an online personal training business, where he provides free workout programs.

Rick is flexible with his podcasts, changing their format depending on the feedback he gets. For example, one podcast recently discussed how to get personal training clients with local SEO.

This isn’t something online personal trainers may think about when they are planning their own training; it’s important information that could help them reach their clients.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth podcast

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth podcast is one of the best podcasts for personal trainers because it covers a wide range of fitness and health topics. The hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews are all certified personal trainers who offer great advice and tips on training.

They also have a lot of experience in the fitness industry, and they share their knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

They also discuss controversial topics such as weightlifting versus cardio, flexible dieting, and the benefits of being in a caloric deficit.

Personal trainers can also learn about nutrition from the Mind Pump podcast. The hosts bring on experts who talk about specific health conditions, such as metabolic syndrome or diabetes. They also give fitness professionals advice on how to make their own diets more nutritious.

Moreover, they usually invite bodybuilders who share their tips on building muscles and losing fat. Personal trainers can learn a lot from these interviews because they will be able to apply the information to their own clients.

The Trainermind Podcast

Trainermind is hosted by Craig Ballantyne, a personal trainer, and entrepreneur, and Ben Greenfield, an endurance coach, and biohacker. The podcast covers a variety of topics related to personal training, including business advice, nutrition, strength training, and more.

The Trainermind Podcast is an excellent resource for personal trainers who are looking to expand their knowledge and grow their business. The hosts are knowledgeable and offer a wealth of information for listeners.

The podcast also features interviews with experts in the field of fitness and health, which provides listeners with valuable insights into the world of personal training. The Trainermind Podcast is highly informative.

This Podcast can also provide fitness professionals with valuable knowledge that they may be able to pass on to their clients. For instance, an athletic trainer who works with athletes might be interested in learning about the ketogenic diet because some of his clients are struggling with weight loss and performance issues.

The length of the podcast episodes can vary, so trainers can use their discretion to choose episodes that are appropriate for the duration of their workout.

20 Minute Fitness podcast

Topics covered vary from health and fitness issues, including exercise techniques to nutrition guidance. The hosts of the 20 Minute Fitness podcast are Chalene Johnson and Steve Kamb. Chalene Johnson is a fitness expert, author, and entrepreneur.

She is the creator of the Turbo Kick program, and her workouts have been featured on The Biggest Loser, Good Morning America, and more. Steve Kamb is the founder of, a website that helps nerds and average Joes get fit.

He is also the author of Level Up Your Life. Both the hosts are knowledgeable and engaging, and the episodes are packed with information.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive podcast that covers all aspects of fitness, then the 20 Minute Fitness podcast is definitely worth checking out. The average duration of an episode is about 20 minutes, hence the name, and I found all of the episodes very interesting.

The hosts discuss a variety of different topics during each episode: nutrition advice for bodybuilders, workout tips and routines, and the science behind strength training are common themes for this podcast.

The FitCast Podcast

You can find FitCast podcasts on numerous topics, from exercise tips and nutrition advice to more philosophical discussions on how we can think more positively about our bodies.

Ethan Bussler is a fitness expert, author, and podcaster. He is the host of the FitCast podcast, which covers a wide range of topics related to health and fitness. Fitness experts and professionals can learn a great deal from Ethan Bussler’s informative interviews with experts in the health and fitness industry.

The FitCast podcast is released weekly, with new episodes being released every Thursday.

B For Better Health

B For Better Health is all about helping people to live healthier life. The hosts Brian and Brad, are both personal trainers who have a lot of experience in the industry. They share their knowledge and tips on how to live a healthier life, and they also interview experts in the health field.

B For Better Health is an amazing podcast for personal trainers because it covers a wide range of topics related to health and fitness. The hosts are knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to live healthier life, and they offer valuable advice and insights.

The Strength Coach

The Strength Coach Podcast is another great podcast for personal trainers. The hosts of this podcast are Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman. A wide range of topics related to strength training is covered including exercises, injuries, biomechanics, and more. They also interview other experts in the industry.

Mike & Bill are extremely well-aware of the fitness industry, and they offer useful advice that can be applied immediately to training programs. The guests are other fitness experts, so listeners can gain valuable insights from them as well.

The Stronger by Science Podcast

The Stronger by Science Podcast is a great podcast to listen to during workouts. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Jason Leenaarts and Dr. Mike Tuchscherer, who are both strength coaches. The podcast features interviews with athletes, scientists, and professionals from all different backgrounds.

Podcast provides useful content for personal trainers. Some of the topics covered include motivation, exercise technique, and training styles. Usually, the length of the episodes is approximately 30 minutes.

The Stronger by Science Podcast is a great resource for personal trainers because it provides information on a variety of topics, including nutrition, strength training, and injury prevention.


GymCastic is a sports podcast. It is specifically for fitness professionals because it focuses on all different sports, and the hosts provide valuable insight from their own experiences as athletes and coaches.

The hosts interview professionals in numerous fields related to strength training, such as nutrition and massage therapy. They also do interviews with athletes who have found success in strength training, which can be inspiring for listeners.

The hosts provide insight into how different techniques and methods come together to help athletes reach their goals.

The Online Trainer Show podcast

The Online Trainer Show podcast is one of the best podcasts for personal trainers. The show is hosted by two personal trainers, Tony Horton and Drew Manning. The podcast is geared towards helping fitness professionals to grow their businesses and improve their knowledge in the industry.

Some of the topics that are covered in the show include business tips, marketing strategies, and nutrition advice.

The hosts give listeners advice on how to find success in their fitness careers. Every week the show features a special guest that is an expert in a specific field related to personal training.

The guests range from fitness models, bikini competitors, and elite athletes who share their secrets for success with the audience. The podcast also has a section called “Trainers Got Talent,” where listeners upload videos of them doing their personal training sessions.

The Dumbbells

The Dumbbells is a great podcast for fitness professionals. The hosts, Mike and Doug, are personal trainers who provide great information on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle topics. They also have a lot of fun on the show, which makes it enjoyable to listen to.

This personal trainer podcast would be a perfect choice, as it gives you tons of practical tips along with real case studies that you could learn from. The average duration of an episode is 1 hour long. The hosts are currently working on their fourth season, which was just released in January 2018.

Strength Matters Podcast

The Strength Matters podcast would be a great choice for group personal trainers to listen to. It is hosted by Mike Israetel, who has 20 years of experience as a competitive powerlifter. He is now a coach and PhD with Renaissance Periodization, as well as co-founder of JTS Strength.

The podcast has over 80 episodes spanning 1 hour each, which are released on a weekly basis. Mike provides excellent information on how to become stronger (in the gym), and also gives advice on dieting for strength training, as well as gaining mass.


Athlean-X is a fitness-related podcast that is hosted by physical therapist and performance coach, Jeff Cavaliere. He has been working with athletes for over 15 years and created the Athlete X brand to provide information on how to build muscle without getting injured.

Jeff’s podcast is a must for entry-level personal trainers, as he provides clear explanations of how the body works and why certain things are beneficial or detrimental to your fitness goals.

His information is backed by research reports and case studies, which makes it more reliable. The Athlean-X Podcast has over 100 episodes, which provide a total run time of 5 hours.

Our very own list of best podcasts for personal trainers
The list of best podcasts for personal trainers

Escape Your Limits

The Escape Your Limits episodes are released twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is hosted by Craig Ballantyne, a certified Turbulence Trainer and author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life.

On the podcast, Craig interviews top fitness professionals and experts about how they’ve achieved success in their field.

Listening to the Escape Your Limits podcast can help personal trainers learn new techniques and strategies for helping their clients achieve their fitness goals. The podcast is a good source for finding out about the latest trends in the fitness industry.

40 plus Fitness Podcast

There are many great podcasts for fitness coaches out there. One of the best is 40+ Fitness. This podcast is aimed at fitness professionals over the age of 40 and offers great advice on how to stay fit and healthy as you get older.

The hosts, Steve and Chris, offer tons of great tips and advice on everything from nutrition to exercise. They also interview top experts in the field, so you can learn from the best.

The average duration of the 40 Plus Fitness Podcast is about 45 minutes. However, there are some episodes that are shorter, and some that are longer.

It really depends on the topic being covered and the amount of information Steve and Chris have to share.

The objective of the 40 Plus Fitness Podcast is to help fitness professionals over the age of 40 achieve their health and fitness goals.

They do this by sharing advice, experiences, and insight into how to stay fit despite all the changes that take place in your body as you get older.

The hosts also interview top experts in the field of fitness, so you can learn from some of the best.

The release frequency of the 40 Plus Fitness Podcast is about once or twice a month. Sometimes they’ll go on vacation for a while, and not have an episode to share with their audience. However, they are pretty consistent about coming out with new content at least once every month.

Personal Trainer Daily

Personal Trainer Daily is one of the best podcasts for personal trainers. The podcast is hosted by Greg McMillan and Jonathan Ross. McMillan is a physicist, engineer, and fitness expert who has been featured in Runner’s World, Men’s Health, and other publications.

Ross is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer who has worked with professional athletes, including members of the Boston Red Sox.

Some recent episodes that would be of particular interest to fitness professionals include “How to Design Resistance Training Programs”, “The Truth About Supplements” and “The Role of Mindset in Training”.

Mind Your Fitness by Ali Lampert

The Mind Your Fitness Podcast is among the best podcasts you could find. The podcast is hosted by Ali Lampert, a NASM certified personal trainer and health coach.

The podcast covers a range of topics related to fitness and health, personal development, nutrition, and mindset.

The Mind Your Fitness Podcast provides lots of practical tips and advice on how to achieve success in the fitness industry. Ali Lampert is a great host, and she offers a lot of valuable information in each episode.

If you’re looking for a great podcast to help you stay motivated, as well as answer questions on how to motivate your trainees, then the Mind Your Fitness Podcast definitely worth listening to.

LTB Podcast

The LTB Podcast podcast is a perfect fit for personal trainers. This podcast is all about helping people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The hosts of the show are incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and offer great advice for listeners.

The podcast is also very entertaining, making it a great choice for those who want to learn more about fitness while also having a good time. The episodes are roughly forty-five minutes long and are released once or twice a week.

The host of the show is Tom, who tries to connect with the audience as well as educate them on fitness. He has been working as a trainer for over ten years now and is very knowledgeable about all sorts of fitness topics.

In fact, he also gives nutrition advice on his blog. The hosts are also joined by Stephanie, who does a great job of adding entertainment to the show.

Personal Trainers React

Personal Trainers React is a podcast hosted by two personal trainers, Nick and Ben. The show is all about giving personal trainers information that they can use in their own training business. The hosts are very knowledgeable about the industry and provide great tips for personal trainers who are just starting out.

Some of the topics that are covered on the show include: how to start your own training business, how to get more clients, tips for staying in shape, and personal development.

Personal Trainers React is a great podcast for fitness professionals who want to learn more about the industry, and gain some valuable insight from experienced personal trainers.

The duration of the show is about an hour, which makes it great for some light entertainment while getting in a workout. Episodes have been recorded since 2015, so there are a nice amount of episodes to listen to.


When personal trainers are looking for helpful and informative content, listening to podcasts can be a great way to gain knowledge.

Not only do personal trainers have the opportunity to learn from some of the top professionals in the industry, but they can also find out about new research and techniques.

In addition, many podcasts offer interviews with other fitness professionals, which can give personal trainers insights into how other people are training. Moreover, listening to podcasts is a great way for personal trainers to stay motivated and inspired.

The top 5 benefits of listening to podcasts as a personal trainer:

Personal trainers can stay up on the latest trends and research – it’s legitimate for them to spend time educating themselves, their clients, and other professionals. Personal trainers will never feel or look out of date and can be considered knowledgeable and sought after in the industry.

2. Saves time

Podcasts offer engaging content about fitness topics that are easily accessible without having to travel for continuing education courses including lectures, workshops, or meet-ups.

They make it possible for busy personal trainers who may not otherwise have the time available to spare driving hours on end for such events.

3. Variety of podcasts

It offers diversity if you’re an avid podcast listener; there are many different kinds of podcasts available on all different fitness-related topics.

4. Effortless to listen

Podcasts are perfect for multitasking, hands-free job duties including driving, exercising or lying in bed. They take you to a different place mentally compared to music and audiobooks.

5. Allows focus

While listening you can do other things that require concentration such as work on the computer, do homework, or read a book.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, as well as its counterpart – best podcasts for nutrition. We have you’ve thoroughly enjoyed our review of the best podcasts for personal trainers. To all you podcasters out there – If you have personal trainer podcasts, please reach out to us. We’d love to give it a listen. If you are a personal trainer, and you’re looking to improve your professional life significantly – try out Persona!

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Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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