Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Persona or one of its features, you’ve come to the right place. If there’s anything we have not covered below, feel free to contact us. Our live support team is at the ready to assist!


What is Persona?

Persona is a financial technology company that offers an all-in-one management platform for self-employed professionals and businesses in the United States.

Persona users receive access to every tool they need to run their business effectively and seamlessly. Persona’s features include invoicing, payment collection, client management, business analytics, tax automation and optimization, and a business checking account, complete with a Persona Visa Card that offers unlimited cashback.

Do I have to be an LLC, an S-Corp or a C-Corp to sign up for Persona?

No. If you have a Social Security Number you can register as a “Sole Proprietor”.


Do you check my credit score upon registering for Persona?

Absolutely not. Your Social Security Number is used for identity verification, we do not check your credit score at any point.

Do I have to be a US resident to use Persona?

No. You, or your incorporated entity, do need to have a TIN (ITIN, EIN or SSN) to be eligible for a Persona account, but you do not have to reside in the US.

What does Persona cost?

Persona is currently 100% free of charge. That means no minimum balance, no overdraft fees, no ACH/wire fees, and so on. Please note that our payment processor, which is a third party, does charge a processing fee for card payment processing.

If Persona is free, how does it make money? What's the catch?

We’re committed to complete alignment with our users’ interests.

Every time a user spends funds using their Persona Visa Card, the seller/merchant (whoever you’re purchasing from) pays Persona roughly 1% of the transaction amount.

This is actually what happens whenever anyone uses any card to make a purchase, and that essentially means it’s the merchants that pay for Persona, instead of our users.

Banking & Security

How does Persona protect my account?

Persona is fully committed to protecting your account and your privacy. Along with our own security protocols, Persona has partnered with Goldman Sachs, Member FDIC in order to provide our users with business checking accounts. Our banking partner employs their own additional security measures. You’re in safe hands with Persona!

Why is Persona better than my existing business bank account?

Well… we’re glad you asked!

For starters, Persona charges absolutely no fees and requires no minimum deposit. Another fan favorite is our ongoing live *human* support by chat, SMS, or phone calls. Unlike other banks, we really are here for you when you need us.

Are my funds secure and insured?

Yes! Your funds are insured up to the FDIC maximum limit of $250,000 through our banking partner – Goldman Sachs, Member FDIC. Bank-grade security? you got it!

Persona Visa Card

Am I eligible for a Persona Visa Card?

Anyone who’s been approved to use a Persona is eligible for a Persona Visa Card. It is automatically shipped to the address on file.

How long does it take to receive my Persona Visa Card?

Your Persona Visa Card is shipped upon your account getting approved. It takes five to eight days to arrive by USPS.

Is the Persona Visa Card a credit card? Do I have a credit limit?

No, the Persona Visa Card is *not* a credit card. It is a business card and behaves similarly to a debit card. You can only spend funds that are available in your account, and they are deducted immediately upon payment.

Where is my Persona Visa Card accepted?

Your card is accepted anywhere VISA cards are accepted.

Can I create a virtual card to use alongside my physical Persona Visa Card?

Yes! You can generate a virtual card from the “Account and Card” screen inside the Persona app.

Tax Management

How does Persona calculate my tax liability?

The Persona algorithm takes into account your information, along with your business income and business expenses, and provides a real-time calculation of your tax liability.

Are my expenses automatically deducted?

No. Our users use their Persona Visa Card for personal expenses as well, so we let the user decide which expenses to mark as business expenses and which to keep as personal expenses.

Will Persona generate my Schedule C for me?

Yes, we will. You’ll find it in your Persona app when you need it.

Charging Client Payments

I've charged a client, how long does it take for the funds to arrive?

Funds are deposited in your Persona account on a T+2 schedule, which generally means two business days from the moment the payment was processed.

You should know that Persona also offers an ‘Instant Pay’ feature which allows you to receive the funds immediately. Toggle it via the Persona settings screen inside the app.

Does Persona offer an instant payment deposit option?

Yes, we do! It can be toggled in the settings screen inside the Persona app.

What is the payment processing fee for payments charged through Persona?

Persona charges no fees for use of our platform. However, we process payments for our users via a third party – Stripe. Processing fees for payments collected through Persona is 3.4% + 30¢.

You do you. Let Persona do the rest.

Persona is the business management solution for any self-employed professional looking to take back 20+ of hours a week by not having to spend time doing admin and back office work. Persona will handle all of that, so you can focus on the reasons you became a business owner, to begin with.

100% free for every user, forever.

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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