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Gordon K., August 12, 2021

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Let’s face it, the current year is 2022 and pretty much everyone has a smartphone. Smartphones provide so many advantages and play a vital role in the health and wellness industry, specifically the applications you can download to your phone.

There are many that can be considered as the best apps for personal trainers. Fitness coaches can choose from a long list of platforms there that are specifically designed for personal trainers. Trainers may look for an app that has features such as scheduling, receiving payments, as well as progress tracking.

How do you know that you have picked the best one? The team at Persona can help with your decision and especially in this article. We are going to talk about our 4 handpicked must-have fitness apps of 2022 for Personal Trainers.

4 best apps for personal trainers:

1. Persona

Persona is our definite leader (shocking, we know!). Hear us out though… We’ll help you with everything you need to run a personal training business in the world of wellness. We make it easy for you to focus on your business instead of working in your business. Amongst the core features of the Persona App – scheduling clients, payment collection, and tracking how many sessions your customers have available, tax optimization, and even your own e-commerce store to share with fitness clients so that they can book and pay seamlessly.

You are probably wondering how Persona helps with scheduling? By utilizing the application, clients are able to see when you are available and then they can choose the days that work out for the both of you.

Easy right? No more back and forth text messages asking about availability. We all need at least a day where we don’t have to think about work. With Persona, receiving payments has never been so easy. Do you ever have to let clients know that they are late on a payment? If so, then Persona has made it so you don’t have to do that anymore.

Persona can also send clients notifications when payments are due or are late. Last but not least, progress tracking is a must when finding the perfect app to manage multiple clients. Probably many others use spreadsheets to keep track of the sessions left in the packages you have sold. Persona tracks how many sessions are left and how many have passed. Goodbye spreadsheets, hello Persona!

best apps for personal trainers
personal trainer app

2. My PT HUB

A personal training software catered for coaches, personal trainers, and clubs It is designed to help with client management, nutrition, finance, calendar access, event streaming, and many other options. This app has all the features a personal trainer needs to succeed with their fitness business.

The premium package which costs $49 a month gives you the features of managing as many personal training clients as you want, 10GB in document storage space, as well as having the access to classes and boot camp events. If this is a bit over your budget, then you can go with the standard subscription which has a monthly fee of $20.

This differs from the premium package only allowing you to manage 5 client’s training program, 1GB in storage space, and does not offer classes or boot camp events.

The great thing about the app is that you as the personal trainer would be the one paying and your fitness clients would be able to access the app free of charge.

Many trainers enjoy using PT Hub because they are able to create workouts plans through this personal training app and have access to over 7,500 HD video exercises. If you don’t want to use the videos you get access to, You can always just make your own videos.

Lots of trainers love making their own videos because they are more personalized and can show off their expertise in the craft. You can show your clients their progress pictures, by notifying them of their previous exercise history.

Even if their progress isn’t where it should be, this tells them the areas they could improve on. In just finding another solution, gives clients motivation to keep doing the work, there’s more than one way to reach your goals.

Tracking your macros has never been so easy. By using the app, you can train clients remotely and they can easily track their calorie intake, scan food items for information, and monitor their nutrition values.

These three elements are so important when you are exercising. In order to reach your desired health goals, you have to consume the right foods for your diet.

As an experienced trainer, you will be able to assign macros to your clients, this diet plan tool helps figure out the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats they need to intake on certain days. Last but not least, you have the option to link your PT Hub account to Stripe.

From there you are able to track, view, and make changes to payments received for clients. This is a great way to stay organized, keep track of money, and manage clients. 

3. Squarespace Scheduling

Squarespace is a very reputable brand and is used by many companies. One of the app’s main goals is to make booking appointments easier which is why it’s very simple to use and is able to sync it with your Outlook or Google Calendar.

This is great, you are able to control your availability at all times. You will not have to constantly message your clients when the best time to train is. You can read our full article about time management for trainers. They can just check your training schedule and pick the right time slot.

You or your customer are able to easily cancel appointments and reschedule them. Another great feature is that you are able to receive payments through the app via Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

best apps for fitness trainers
personal trainers – get the right app!

You are probably wondering how much you have to pay, in order to utilize a service like Squarespace Scheduling. At the time, there are 3 options:

  • The Emerging plan which costs $14 a month,
  • the Growing plan which is $23 a month
  • the Powerhouse plan which is $45 a month.

Going by the chart, the more you pay, there will be more features that are explained in-depth on the website.

4. Vagaro

A personal trainer management software is made for different business types, one of them being a personal trainer. By using Vagaro, clients are able to book sessions on your website, the Vagaro app, and even social media channels.

Your clients can pick whichever way they prefer to book with you. You have the ability to make memberships and packages as well as set limits on how many people can purchase them. Vagaro also allows you to bill your clients at a set frequency.

This helps personal trainers because this will ensure that they won’t be missing payments from their clients. Vagaro offers assistance with email and text marketing which makes it one of the best app for personal training business. It provides you with- automated emails, text messages and notifications about upcoming bookings.

By doing this you will be receiving much more exposure which can potentially improve your client management and increase your clientele fast.

Buying Guide: App for trainers

When choosing an app for personal trainers, there are a few factors to consider:


Personal trainers generally have a limited budget and can’t afford to pay for new applications on a regular basis. This means that you need to make sure the app has a low price for it to be worth your while. On the other hand, free apps often come at a cost (ads). You can read our full article about free apps for personal trainers.


You should consider the app’s availability on both the App Store and Playstore. If an app only has a version for AppStore, it might not be worth considering as some smartphones are Android-based, therefore you should make sure that your app of choice can be accessed on multiple platforms.

Variety of functions:

Tracking progress

Tracking progress should be an app’s primary function. When choosing apps for personal trainers, health professionals should keep in mind that it is very important the app has the ability to track clients’ progress over time.


This will make it easier to track your progress, avoid scheduling conflicts, and put all of your progress in one place. You must be able to schedule time for both yourself and your client when creating a session.

Social features

Having the ability to add social elements to your app, such as incorporating friends or creating groups, can help with motivation and accountability when training clients. If you’re able to add a client’s name to an activity, for example, they’ll know when you’re marking that activity as complete.

Client reports

This allows you and your client to track progress in order to see how much they have improved. This can be done in many different ways, including graphs or written reports.


It’s a key feature because it will help you get paid for the sessions that you have completed. It is also important that the app allows for different payment methods, such as PayPal or Stripe so that you can easily get paid.

Extra features:


Another feature that an app can have is the ability to send out automated reminders/messages/emails to clients. It will allow you to get in touch with your clients without having to schedule a call or video chat session, which could be difficult if they’re not from the same area.


An easily accessible, intuitive interface is important because it encourages your clients to use the app and find training sessions on their own. This will also save both of you time because they won’t need help finding a session, leading to more sessions overall.

Reviews & Ratings

Do check reviews and ratings of the app on different platforms to see how it performs. Make sure that you take into account the pros and cons that users mention in their reviews, and whether or not the app has a good number of downloads.

Picking the right app for your personal training business?

Generally, the one that’s just right for you. Check the options we’ve suggested, some focus on certain areas more than others. Some charge monthly subscription fees while others do not (Hi Persona!).

Different strokes for different folks, so it’s important to choose one that covers the majority of features you want. Writing a “pros and cons” list for the leading apps you are researching will help ensure you pick the right app to manage training programs. You can read our full article for apps for life coaches.

We hope this information has helped you realize the vast amount of resources out there, and all the amazing things they can do for you! 

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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