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Madilyn W., January 13, 2022

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There are ways to help out people in their lives, and it can be done in various ways. It is in our nature to want to help others improve in their life; no matter what it may be. One way to help people is through health and wellness, it could be to help people lose weight, teach them ways to eat better, or just coach someone through good health practices. This would be called a life coach. Apps for life coaches are an entire thing, but we’ll get to that.

Life coaches are there every step of the way. They mainly work with wellness, which is often tied in with health. However, life coaches do a lot more. They are there to help people progress in life to help them attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches help clients improve in all life aspects, such as relationships, careers, and even basic day-to-day life. Life coaches are there to help you find your goals, see and conquer any obstacles, as well as target any skills and gifts you might have. 

If you like to help people, and anything above sounds interesting, why not give it a shot? It could be fun trying to help people better their lives. Plus can form close and personal relationships with them. However, one of the steps that need to be accomplished, is what app is the best for life coaches. If you instead are looking to know which life coach certification is best – we’ve got you covered.

Best Apps For Life Coaches - The List
Best Apps For Life Coaches

Apps for Life Coaches are Full Service Apps

When you can, it is amazing to find an app that allows you as a life coach to accomplish everything you need to do in one place. There are a lot of apps out there that can handle all sides of life coaching. From contacting your clients, scheduling sessions, or dealing with the financial aspects like collecting payments. If you’re looking for how to grow a life coaching business, we’ve written about that too.


You don’t have to look much further than our company. Persona is an amazing platform that makes life so much easier and helps out your career as a life coach. First off, our app and website are free; it costs absolutely nothing to use, ever. You can download our app from the App Store or Google Play.

Persona has many features you would find useful. We have a payment collection feature that sells your services, collect payments, send out reminders, and track package usages, all in our app. We also have hassle-free scheduling, meaning no more lengthy back-and-forth phone calls. Instead, clients can book themselves in pre-approved times. 

Other features we have to include financial aspects. We will manage your expenses, making it easy to track purchases used for deductible expenses during tax season. Doing this through use will help you save hundreds of dollars. We also offer you real business accounts. We provide traditional bank accounts and even more features.


Quenza is another great app that has a lot of great features. However, Quenza is not a free app or company. They offer a range of price packages that help you find the perfect fit for your business no matter what size it might be. Quenza is offered through both Google Play and the App Store.

Quenza is built from the ground up and has security in mind. It is both GDPR and HIPAA compliant. It makes sure that all interactions between you and your clients are secure through PIN codes and 128-bit encryption.

One of their many futures includes a blended care approach. This helps coaches digitize aspects of their practice. This will leverage the advantages of new technologies like push notifications, online surveys, and multimedia. Quenza has a feature called Activity Builder, which lets you design self-paced lessons, assessments, and reflection exercises that clients can accomplish on computers, or their phones.


Satori has potential upside if you’re starting a life coaching business. The app is free to download, but it has a monthly fee of $33. It is available through both the App Store and Google Play. Satori is fully integrated and offers a full-service system that has many tools and capabilities for life coaches.

This app offers unique features. One of them is that Satori’s app is also a CRM. Life coaches can design and use their entire onboarding process on the app. Coaches are also able to send out prompts and questionnaires with clients. CRM is also able to offer scheduling and financial capabilities.

apps for life coaches
Apps for Life Coaches – read on.

More features of this app include sign-on new clients, booking and scheduling clients on individual sessions, and scheduling recurring sessions. This is a nice feature because it takes away the long hours of back and forth with your clients trying to see which sessions work the best. Satori also has a feature that sends out payment reminders, there are various payment plans, and also an automated billing, which also takes a load off you trying to remember to make correct payments. 


CoachAccountable is another paid app but has a decent price of $20 per month. This app is mobile-friendly, which makes it easy to access from wherever you are or might need to be. This system is unique because it allows coaches to embed widgets from the software into their websites. It is good for both solo practices or coaching groups of people.

The main focus of this app is a practice management and business coaching software. It is aimed at holding clients accountable to what you as a life coach feel like they can reach. It also utilizes systems that make it easy for coaches to expand their business and make a difference in their clients’ lives. 

Other great features of their app include data tracking and metrics, setting up automated workflows, managing files, and other media. Life coaches can create and share worksheets and questionnaires with their clients. They can schedule clients, manage payments and subscriptions, and even send automatic appointment reminders.

Other Great Apps

Unfortunately, not all apps and software are full service, meaning you might have to pick and choose apps to find one that works the best for your life coaching business. You might end up with a handful of different apps, but they all can be useful in their way. 


Ascend is a free app. It is free to download, and it is free to use. It is available to download on the App Store and Google Play. Ascend is not a full-service system, but it does have some great features. It also is an app that builds on and completes another app called Lose It, which is aimed at nutritionists.

Their main target is health coaching, as mentioned above. It is a program that keeps clients on track with goals by providing worksheets. Coaches can view their client’s progress on the platform; and communicate with them through the app.

As mentioned above, Ascend is not a full-service system like other life coaching apps out there. Meaning, it doesn’t offer as many things as other apps. This app is mainly focused on clients being accountable for their work and providing a line of communication for coaches and their clients.


Airtable is another free app but only has a few features. It competes with Google Forms and Google Sheets by making questionnaires and sorting client data. Airtable has questionnaire forms for your clients, has databases where you can store client information neatly, and presents your data in various layouts. 


Skype has a few different benefits. It allows you to connect with clients remotely, meaning you don’t have to drop all your plans if you happen to be far away from your clients. There is another great feature where you can record the call for free! By using this feature, you can stay present in your session. You don’t need to be writing things down or trying to remember information shared. You will be able to access the entire session afterward.

the right apps for life coaches
Which app for life coaching should you choose?


This takes care of those constant back and forth emails trying to find a time and date that works with your client. Calendly allows you to put all your available appointment slots visible to your clients, and they can select which one works for them. It boosts up the process and lets you use a web tool instead of giving you relief from the stress of managing it yourself. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of features that are needed for a life coaching business. So it is important to find out which life coaching app is best for you. Some apps accomplish everything that you need, and maybe even some more. Or, if you are wondering how to start a life coaching business, you might want to pick and choose from different apps.

Our app, Persona, takes care of every step of the way. We offer many ways to improve your connection with your clients’ hassle-free scheduling, payment collection, and managing expenses. We are here to make the process easier, so all you have to do is focus on running your life coaching business. Download our app today in the App Store or Google Play.

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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