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Kellie G., December 30, 2021

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As you start a personal training business, you’ll realize a lot goes into it to make it run smoothly. While you also have to focus on training and coaching your clients, you also have to focus on all of the background stuff too. Such as scheduling appointments, collecting payments as a personal trainer, monitoring clients’ progress, marketing, and so much more. It can be a bit overwhelming and there’s no shame in needing a little bit of help.

There are tons of apps designed to help personal trainers and coaches with those important elements and more. Allow for these apps, with real live team members behind the apps, to help you run the technicals and financials of your business; that way you can focus on your clients. We’ve gathered a few of the leading apps out there, and have reviewed the extent to which they can be called a free personal trainer app.

Best Apps for Personal Trainers and Coaches

To name a few apps that can help you:

  • Persona – the only 100% free personal trainer app
  • Trainerize
  • My PT Hub
  • True Coach
persona is a free personal trainer app


That’s right. This very site,, is designed to help personal trainers and coaches with their business and financial needs. At Persona, we operate a hassle-free scheduling and payment processing tool at your fingertips. Clients can use your generated personalized online store to buy sessions or a package, and schedule sessions at times that you’ve already approved. Persona will do the work for you so that you can focus on running your business. 

The key features include:

  • Booking appointments and collecting payments. 
  • No Fees – no monthly fees, overdraft fees, or min balance requirements. 
  • Business Analytics – Persona will keep an eye on your business. We will keep track and tell you how your business is doing/growing, opportunities you may have missed, and what clients you are at risk of losing. 
  • Tax Bucket – tags both incoming and outgoing transactions. We will predetermine a percentage of incoming revenue towards taxes to make tax season that much easier for you. This makes filing taxes as a personal trainer a breeze.
  • Persona card – As a personal trainer or a coach, you would use the Persona business card to buy industry-related goods and services, while receiving unmatched discounts. You’ll receive this card only days after you sign up through the persona app. However, until you receive the physical card in the mail, you may use the virtual card immediately after signing up. The virtual card is available in the persona app.
  • Digital-first – Persona is a 100% digital service with the same safety and security as your normal bank; except with the benefits of being completely online. 

The best part? It’s a completely free personal trainer app. No trial, no freemium, simply free.


Trainerize is designed to help businesses bring in new clients, build a stronger connection with existing clients, and promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. They work with personal trainers and coaches to keep them organized and on top of their scheduled tasks. Trainerize also provides resources and information for clients to keep them living healthy lives. 

The key features include: 

  • Training – Trainerize allows you to build training plans for your clients for online, in person, or group sessions with their easy-to-use training templates. With this feature, you can also monitor your clients’ training and the progress they’ve made, create your own workout plan, and set up fitness goals for your clients. 
  • Nutrition – You can create your own nutritional plan for your clients. With the help of Trainerize, you can create meal plans, track your clients’ meal consumptions, and set nutritional goals. 
  • Messaging – Use the in-app messaging system to keep in contact with your clients. This feature also allows for automated messages to your clients, sending notifications, memos, and updates. The messages, it can also keep you informed/reminded of upcoming sessions and plans, with notifications, memoirs, and updates. If messaging isn’t something you enjoy and you’d rather more of a connection, take advantage of their skype calling feature. 
  • Video Coaching – for online coaching and training, you can use their built-in video coaching platform. 
  • Habits – Introduce new and healthy habits to your clients, while helping them break their old ones. This includes but is not limited to self-care routines/treatments, eating healthy plans, meal preparations/recipes, and bedtime rituals.

The prices for the Trainerize services vary on how many clients you plan on having. 

  • 1 client (The Free Package) – Free
  • 2 clients (The Grow package) – $5.00
  • Up to 5 clients (The Pro package) – $20.00
  • Up to 500 Clients (The Studio package) – $250.00

My PT Hub

My PT Hub, is an all-in-one software coach, personal trainer, and fitness club. Like Trainerize, My PT Hub is designed to assist you in certain areas and keep personal trainers and coaches organized and on top of their tasks. 

The key features include: 

  • Working out – This feature allows you to create unlimited workouts for your clients with a built-in stopwatch so that you can keep track of the time during these workouts. You can create personalized workout videos and keep track of your client’s exercise history so that they, and you, can see how they progress. Clients can also sync their Fitbit with your app and you can keep track of their daily steps, floor climbing, calories burned, and Fitbit goals.
  • Nutrition – This allows you to keep track of your client’s calorie intake and log what they consume on a daily basis. 
  • Scheduling appointments – Schedule clients’ workout sessions and send them push notifications to remind them of upcoming sessions. You can schedule workouts, nutrition plans, measurements, and progress photos. With My PT Hub, you can create custom forms such as sign-up forms along with E-signatures. You can also easily create questionnaire forms which include lifestyle and medical forms for clients to fill out.
  • Payments and billing – Attach your stripe account and start sending out bills and collecting payments from your clients. 
  • Marketing – One of the most important things when running a business is marketing. As a personal trainer or a coach, you want to get the word out about your business and attract new clients. My PT Hub allows you to create your own “microsite” with everything your business will need to stand out. It’ll also allow for google ads with preconfigured, optimized, and targeted advertising campaigns, or you can create your own google ads to display.  

There are 2 ways you can pay for the My PT Hub services, both of which are monthly payments.  

  1. Monthly Flexible – $49.00/month. 
  • With this monthly payment plan, you can quit at any time for it is non-committal.
  1. Annual Commitment – $42.00/month. 
  • With this monthly payment plan, you’re committing to the services for a total of 1 year. It’s a set fixed rate that you pay monthly for a year.   

True Coach

True Coach, much like Persona, is designed to help personal trainers and coaches with managing the background aspects of your business so that they can focus on their clients. However, like Trainerize, it also helps keep them stay organized and on top of their daily tasks, along with keeping their clients organized and on top of their daily tasks. 

The key features include: 

  • Workout builder and program builder – Create your own exercises and videos with the program builder, or use the 1200 plus premium exercise videos the service provides. You can also upload your own personalized workout videos using the workout builder.
  • Messaging – With any messaging feature, this makes communicating with your clients that much easier. It also allows for clients to communicate with you and leave comments on your videos and online sessions. 
  • Email notifications – Notify your clients of upcoming workouts ahead of time. True Coach will also send reminders to you when upcoming client workouts are due. 
  • Client management – True Coach makes your life easier by keeping everything in one place. Such as adding new clients, delivering personalized workout plans, tracking your clients progress, and staying on top of communication.
  • Nutrition tracking – Set nutritional goals for your clients, measure their progress and track their macronutrient intake. 

Prices for True Coach vary based on the package you choose. 

  • Starter – $25.00/month
  • Standard – $55/month
  • Pro – $110/month  


There you have it! Some of the best apps for personal trainers and coaches. You can read our full article about the best apps for life coaches. This list isn’t the only apps that are out there; there are tons of others you could use. Do a little research to find what is best for you and your clients. Start by going into each of the websites and reading their “About” summary page, and then take a look at each of their key features to learn more information. Don’t be afraid to send emails for more information as well, before you decide on signing up for anything. This is your business after all and you should be working with a team that cares about your business just as much as you do if not more. 

All of the apps mentioned above come with all great resources, however, if you aren’t looking to spend extra money out of your budget, Persona is a 100% free app and service, that works behind the scenes so that you can focus on running your business. It’s a business and financial platform designed to maintain and help your business grow. As you might have gathered, only one app out there can be truly considered a free personal trainer app. Persona is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. 

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.