7 Things Nutritionists Should Know About Running A Business

Daniel A., March 2, 2022

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In a world where there is so much opportunity to make a change on a broad scale, we still need those that can make a change on a smaller spectrum. Of course, it is important to have those such as politicians that affect positive change in our cities and the world overall. However, our own communities need those that will help provide positive change, especially in the health field. 

Nutritionists play a big part in the field of health and wellness and can be significant if they set up the business properly in the communities they are based in. The unfortunate aspect is that just because you have the knowledge as a nutritionist it does not mean you can effectively run a business. Fortunately, this article will be able to assist any nutritionist with being able to run a successful business even if you know nothing at all.

Get Into the Details

Any business will struggle to be successful if they are skipping over the details of the operation. There are many aspects to running a business that some may feel are minuscule at first but further down the line when they are not succeeding as expected it is usually due to bypassing a small detail. 

running a nutrition business

Nutrition is not a field of business that can be utilized for a “quick buck” and if you are venturing into this you must plan to be in it for long-term success. You need to craft a proper business plan, checking off all the needs and wants for your new business venture that will produce longevity. 


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Get Business Insurance

Your business cannot operate to its fullest potential without getting the proper insurance and licenses. Most importantly, you need to have business insurance. Business insurance will protect your business’s financial wellbeing in the event of a covered loss.

There are many different types of business insurance that cover different aspects of businesses with different risks. However, if you are unsure of which specific insurance to get you can start by getting General Liability Insurance. This is the most common insurance for small businesses. Also if you are working with others as your employees then worker’s compensation insurance is a necessity as well.

Target Audience 

As with any business, it is important to decipher who is your target audience. This may be a rather simple task for a nutritionist because there are fewer niches to service. An ideal client for a nutritionist is simply just someone who is in need of help with their nutrition. You are able to service clients that need you for the short term and long term. Clients will have different circumstances that bring them to you such as being overweight, underweight, wishing to change a poor diet to a healthy diet, etc. 

growing a nutrition business

Though you want to service all who need your assistance, from a business standpoint you should prioritize those that will need your help long term. For example, an individual that is overweight will more than likely have a bigger challenge ahead of them which will increase your business’s bottom line. Additionally, these longer-tenured clients will allow you to see how your advice and knowledge help change someone’s life for the better, making it all the more rewarding.  

Promotion & Marketing

The world has expanded into a realm where there are multiple avenues that you can use to get information about your business out to the public. For best results, you should be making usage of several different tools simultaneously to get the maximum output. 

Social media is one of the best tools if you wish to reach the biggest audience possible. However, this route takes a special amount of dedication and work to reap the total benefits due to the fact that it takes a lot of creativity and consistency.

Word of mouth is still a very strong way of promotion and marketing. You can go into your local community and speak with those who run businesses as well. Developing a relationship with them can assist with spreading the word and they may also allow you to promote and market yourself within their establishments. 

Create A Website 

As a nutritionist, you may feel that it isn’t necessary for you to have a website for your business because it’s a certain niche or maybe you just don’t think you have the skills or knowledge. Web technology has grown significantly and now there are website builders such as GoDaddy or Squarespace that can help you with this task. It is easy to understand and monitor.  Before you make any decision though, the Persona online store might be an easier and quicker solution!

All legitimate businesses have a website these days, it adds a level of legitimacy to your business especially those that are not familiar with you personally. Social media cannot stand in place of your website as only so much information can be properly explained on them. A website gives clients and potential clients a way to dig deep into your company and gather the information they seek.

Making Profit

All those pursuing a career as a nutritionist should understand that making a profit is all contingent on your clientele base. Your clientele is based on your location and how much local competition there is. Although these factors vary, at their best you can make a six-figure salary from your business if all these factors are in your favor. However, that will not come from running just one single business location. You will have to expand and grow your business elsewhere as well. 

nutritionists should know business

Whilst you are waiting for your business to grow you can increase your profitability in several different ways. Offering services such as video chats, providing assistance at nursing homes, outpatients and hospitals, also holding group sessions for companies that invest in health and health initiatives.

Find A Mentor

A lot of people especially those of the self-employed community believe in having their independence and not having to answer to an authority above themselves. Though we understand those sentiments, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you of the benefits of having a mentor.

A mentor isn’t someone who will run your business for you or be your boss. This is a person that is in your field that can provide support for you, give constructive criticism, and give you knowledge on their mistakes so that you do not make the same ones. They act as an ally for you and your budding business thus there is a lot to gain from having someone like this as a part of your life. 

Do remember mentorship and friendship are not one and the same, as a mentor’s job is to stay objective and have professional boundaries.

Your Credibility is Everything

Though nutrition is a niche aspect of this field, you must know that there are more people involved in it than just yourself. With that being said, you want to make sure that your level of credibility is high. 

Clients should feel as though each time they work with you, you are providing them with the assistance that they require. They deserve reliable information and results from said info. There are so many options they can go to so when a client takes their time and money to spend with you, you must not take it for granted. 

Your reputation, especially at the beginning of your journey, is important to the future of your business. One client’s negative review can lead to widespread misinformation about your services and before you know it, you’re known for something that doesn’t really represent you. 

If you are in a predicament where you cannot help a client to the sufficient level they need or want, you must tell them that. Beyond just telling them, you should be providing alternatives and referrals for them to seek services that can help them elsewhere. Never leave a client feeling like you didn’t do your best to help their situation.

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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