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Lisa R., January 20, 2022

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You’re good at giving useful advice, and you’ve noticed that others come to you with their problems. Since you’re good at and passionate about helping people improve their lives, you have decided to start coaching professionally. But this concept is broad, and finding out exactly which one suits you best is not an easy decision. Some examples can be life coaching, lifestyle coaching, business coaching, and financial coaching, amongst others. 

Once you have decided which one suits you best and made a plan to start your business, it’s important to find the right resources to help you understand your field of work, and approach it in a manner that assures your success. Apps can play a vital role in this. Finding the right ones can help you tackle the two sides of the same coin – the business and the coaching. 

The Business Side of Things


As a self-employed wellness coach, you may be searching for a secure way of collecting payments from your clients. Or maybe you have questions about doing your taxes. After all, very few people enjoy doing their taxes, and even fewer people understand the whole complicated process. Whatever your business needs are, Persona has got you covered. The app – which scores 5.0 stars on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store provides you with a business and financial management platform, that is tailored specifically for your business needs.

In other words, its sole purpose is to provide you with assistance in those areas that are not directly related to coaching parents of young children. And the best part? It’s 100% free, always. The services provided by Persona rival those of similar apps in several ways, the first one worth mentioning is the fact that there are no hidden fees or minimum balance requirements, and all transfers and incoming wires are free. But what services does Persona offer?

Book and collect payments: Sell services, collect payments, send reminders, and track package usage all from within the app.
Simple scheduling: No need for lengthy back-and-forths with your clients. They can book pre-approved timeslots by themselves.
Personalized online store: Share the link with your clients, and they can purchase any of your services without having to go through you. No downloads are needed
Tax Automatization: The app automatically generates your Schedule C/1040 to make sure you have one less thing to worry about
Expense Management: Persona allows you to easily track deductible expenses come tax season
Real Business Account: Enjoy every feature of your traditional bank account, and many more, through the app’s financial partners — Goldman Sachs & Stripe Payments Company
Best apps for parent coaches
Best apps for parent coaches

Apps for Coaches – there are lots to choose from!

Financial Coaching

Precise FP

With a score of 5.0 stars, Precise FP is a finance app designed to help financial coaches run their businesses successfully. On its website, the app presents itself as one that helps you “take the work out of collecting client financial data.”


  • Fact Finders: customize your fact finders by creating a specific template for each client, or splitting your data gathering process into smaller steps. Clients can access their fact finder on their electronic devices, and your data will get saved automatically. Clients’ profiles are automatically updated and you can easily export their data to your CRM or financial planning tool 
  • Risk Tolerance:  the app provides a risk tolerance questionnaire which will be scored from 0 to 100, with 0 being the least comfortable taking financial risk and 100 the most comfortable. Use it to help you construct an appropriate asset allocation for your clients. Afterwards,  you can customize your Investment Policy Statement template and send it to your clients for e-signature.
  • Service Agreement: create your own advisory agreements, letters of authorization, or any other advisory-related document for your clients to sign. The signed document is available instantly in your account, and the app offers a detailed audit trail that includes the signer’s IP address, the signature timestamp, and all other relevant information to ensure a proper signature attribution
  • KYC and Compliance: data collected through engagements automatically updates your client profile and the app keeps track of every action in a neatly organized account timeline and the quality score will let you know when a client’s profile is missing important information 
  • Workflow Automation: once you start an export, the app gives you feedback on the transfer and lets you know if anything goes wrong. It keeps your client’s profile up-to-date with their latest information
  • Custom Template Development: the app provides custom template development services where you send in your form in pdf, doc, or xls format and the app creates an optimized digital template for you to engage your clients with.
  • Custom Onboarding Setup: the app provides custom automation services where we set up your PreciseFP account to mimic your desired client onboarding and engagement processes

Precise FP is an app that any financial coach can easily use. However, it is not free. The pricing for the Standard package (solo practitioners and small businesses) is $69/mo, whereas, for the Enterprise package (for businesses with 25+ employees), the price can vary.

Life Coaching


With a score of 3.7 stars, Quenza is a useful app designed to build a relationship with your clients in various ways. According to its website, the app offers users personalized care by digitally engaging, assessing, and psycho-educating clients for better outcomes in less time. Facilitating this digitization are Quenza’s main features: create, send, choose, engage, monitor, write, chat, chat groups, store customize, translate, feel safe. 

  • Choose: Select premade, activities and pathways from the expansion library
  • Engage: Boost client engagement with the client app
  • Monitor: Track and manage your clients’ results
  • Write: Save, share and comment on client notes
  • Chat: Communicate safely with clients and groups
  • Coach Groups: Coach multiple clients at once with groups
  • Store: Keep all your practice documents in one place
  • Customize: Customize everything with Quenza’s white label
  • Translate: Choose your preferred language
  • Feel Safe: Everything you do, secure and encrypted
Best apps for parent coaches
The right app for the right coach

The app provides an Activity Builder that allows you to create self-paced lessons, assessments, and exercises that your clients can easily complete on their personal electronic devices. These activities can be combined into a pathway, enabling you to develop sequences of educational materials that your clients can complete on their own time. By doing this, you can track your client’s progress, and assess the areas where they need to put in more work. Furthermore, since Quenza is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, the app prioritizes the security of your information and the communications with your clients through personal PIN codes and 128-bit encryption.


The prices for using this app can be monthly or annual and are separated into three categories – Lite, Standard and Unlimited. By giving you multiple options, the app allows you to choose the package that best suits your needs and the number of clients you have.

Lite ($49/mo)Standard ($89/mo)Unlimited ($149/mo)
Send Credits250 activities/mo1500 activities/moUnlimited
Professional Storage500 MB2.5 GB10 GB
Client Storage250 MB1 GB2.5 GB
Client Notesyesyesyes
White Labelnoyesyes

Fitness Coaching

My PT Hub

With a score of 4.1 stars, My PT Hub enables you to customize your clients’ training sessions and nutrition plans, and track their progress. As a fitness coach, having access to resources that help you stay organized and customize your training sessions to fit the needs of each individual client is very important. This is where My PT Hub comes in. To get access to all of the services provided by the app, you need to make an online account. Afterward, you can send the account details to your clients, they can log their workouts, progress and nutrition. Furthermore, if you have an Apple Watch, you can track workouts with your clients who also have an Apple Watch directly from your watches. 


Based on your needs and the number of clients you have, you have the option to choose between monthly or annually. 

Monthly (flexible)$49/moAnnual (pay monthly)$42/mo
Flexible one-month subscriptionCommit and save
30-day free trial30-day free trial
Unlimited clientsUnlimited Clients
Unlimited workoutsUnlimited workouts
Unlimited nutrition plansUnlimited nutrition plans
Email and chat supportEmail and chat support

The app provides its users with a habit tracker, and a platform to automate your online personal coaching business. It allows you to sell services to new or existing clients via software, website or social media channels, custom their workout sessions, track results, chat directly with your clients and other fitness coaches, manage class capacity and keep tabs on who attended using the attendance register.

Final Thoughts

App data for coaching

Starting a coaching business is never easy. But once you’ve decided which type of coaching suits you best, and made a business plan, you can make use of various mobile apps to ensure the success of your business. Firstly, Persona can help you run your business regardless of whatever type of coaching path you choose to follow. Whether you need help with payment collection, tax automatization, or expense management, Persona has got you covered. 

Secondly, this article reviews three mobile apps designed to help you, and other coaches in the fields of financial, fitness, and life coaching. Because, while you have a passion for helping your clients, so do the creators of these apps have a passion for helping coaches like yourself get your businesses off their feet and succeed.  

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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