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Pratiksha S., March 31, 2022

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Being a personal chef means having loads of responsibilities; people are putting a lot of trust in the hands of their chefs. You are not only responsible for preparing delicious meals, but also healthy meals. Besides all that, a personal chef has to come up with new and exciting dishes from time to time. As a home cook, I know how difficult that can get. After two days of cooking something, we run out of ideas as to what we are going to cook the next day and meals get repetitive. A personal chef does not have that choice. Most of the time the client will decide what they want to have but that is not always the case.

As a personal chef, it is also your responsibility to do the shopping and get the ingredients to prepare the meal. Many clients who seek the help of personal chefs are people who have medical issues and can have only certain kinds of foods. In such cases, the role of a personal chef gets even harder. Especially if you work as a personal chef for not just one but many clients, you will have to note down the different eating habits of different people. 

However, many chefs deal with these situations like the professionals that they already are. So if you are a personal chef and are looking for tools and techniques to grow your business, then this article will tell you exactly how you can build your personal chef business. 

How to build your personal chef business:

In today’s world, it is not just the rich or famous people who hire personal chefs. People who are busy with their lives, or people who don’t like to go grocery shopping and plan weekly meals also hire a personal chef. So your scope of expanding your business as a personal chef is high. Here are some points on how to build your personal chef business:

  1. Build an appealing website:

Creating a professional website that contains detailed information about your work and experience will help you move forward in your career as a personal chef fast. On this website, you can also add images of your previous cooked meals, along with menus that you specialize in. While in most businesses you would like to select a niche for yourself, as a personal chef it is better that you keep your options open. Cooking vegetarian or vegan meals will help you attract more clients. Similarly, specializing in different cuisines from all over the world will further expand your reach to potential clients. 

How to build your personal chef business
  1. Make yourself known:

To grow your business as a personal chef, you need to make yourself known. You can do that in many ways, one being that you can collaborate with restaurants around you. You can cook meals in the restaurant as a chef for a couple of days. This way your cooking skills will be exposed to several people at once. 

  1. Build a network:

Network building is one of the best and fastest ways to build your personal chef business. You can build your network in a variety of ways. Firstly, you can attend events related to food and cooking. Here you have a great chance of meeting your potential clients. The people who attend these events are people who have a liking for food and thus, this is the best opportunity for you to build your network. You can also attend a cooking competition, this will be a great test of your cooking skills and will be a great way to set a scale for others to judge you. 

  1. Organize events: 

Other than attending events, another major way of building your business as a personal chef is to organize events. You can invite people you want to work with. You can also ask your clients to invite their friends and family if anyone is interested in hiring a personal chef. These events could be anything like dinner parties or cooking challenges. You can set up snack stations and mix up desserts to make the party more interesting and engaging. Hiring a media person to capture the event and posting it on social media or local newspapers will help you build your personal chef business. 

  1. Advertise your business: 

Advertising your business will help your name to be heard by people who might be interested in you. You are the best judge of your skills and you need to present them to others. You can invite your friends for dinner and serve them the best of your meals. You can then ask your friends or family to post the dish and a small paragraph about your business on social media. This way you will further your scope to boost your personal chef business outside of your network. 

  1. Obtain education/training: 

Even though this is not necessary, possessing some education or training in cooking will help take your business to a higher level. A chef who is well trained and well educated will always catch the client’s eyes more than the one with no education or training. Food is an essential part of someone’s life and they will not trust anybody easily. Thus to build that trust and push your business higher, formal education will be helpful. 

Your personal chef business is only a few steps away
  1. Get certificate:

Many personal chefs pursue certification after they complete their formal education, even though it is not mandatory. They do so because a certificate is a really good way of telling your potential clients that you are a great cook and they won’t get disappointed. You can get this certification from many agencies like the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA).

  1. Learn a variety of cooking skills: 

You might be a master in one cuisine, but people don’t want to eat the same thing every day. People love trying food from different parts of the world and hence learning how to cook different cuisines will make clients like you a lot more. You don’t have to take classes to acquire these skills, instead, you can just follow the recipes and practice. With social media, there are thousands of people sharing their cuisines from different parts of the world. 

  1. Build healthy client relationships:

To create and sustain relationships with your clients, you need to gain their trust. Many chefs spend so much time focused on their craft they forget the single, critical ingredient every client needs – trust. It’s one thing to cook great-tasting food and a whole other matter to describe you and your services in such a way that clients trust you. The last thing you would want to do is break your client’s trust and create a bad reputation for yourself. 

All the steps to building a personal chef business
  1.  Write a recipe book: 

As a chef, you have surely tried to create different food items, or maybe you have given your twists to recipes. It is always good to share what is better than writing a book. If that sounds like a hassle then you can always upload your recipes to your website. You can also share tips and tricks that you have learned from your experience of cooking. People are always looking to learn new ways of cooking and you can be the one providing them with that. 


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