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Daniel A., March 22, 2022

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The evolution of fitness has been great to watch from both the outside looking in and as someone that is deep within the industry. Growth in technology paired with research from top experts, we have moved into an era where fitness is the most advanced and efficient it has ever been. In years past, there were not as many answers to people’s direct fitness needs as there are today. Beyond giving more answers, a most impressive feat is how much efficiency has gone up. Fitness and wellness trainers are now equipped with knowledge that can allow their clients to maximize growth and spend less time doing so. A big change that has been a catalyst for this rise is HIIT.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and is any form of exercise that consists of short, intense bursts that come after a short rest or low-intensity exercise. The time period for working out can be as short as seconds to as long as a few minutes with the entirety of the workout being around 15-20 minutes long. One of the most important facts is that this style of training does not require you to have any equipment or large space to utilize. Referencing the earlier stated growth in efficiency, HIIT, falls right in line as one of the most popular trends in the fitness industry specifically for that fact. 

Latest trends in HIIT

Practicality and Effectiveness

Today, the average person may use the fact that they do not have time to workout and that stops a lot of people from reaching their physical peaks. While most may say this as an excuse, for some it is real that they do not have time to dedicate to fitness within their busy schedules. HIIT allows for a type of training that does not use much time and can give you the feeling of an over 30-minute workout. 

The effectiveness of it can be compared to a microwave. You use a microwave to warm up your food because you do not have the time to cook or wait for the oven. HIIT can be the same but for fitness, powerful results in way less time.


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Reducing Body Fat, Burning Calories

When it comes to decreasing body fat, people generally look to typical forms of cardio workouts such as jogging or sprinting. However, one of the latest trends is to replace typical cardio workouts with HIIT workouts. Not only is it being proven to accomplish the same goal but it is proving to be a better option according to studies. 

Also, trainers are trending towards using HIIT workouts that use a hydraulic resistance component to help clients burn more calories as opposed to similar periods of steadier workouts. 

All the HIIT news and trends

Mental Health Improvement

It is well known that any form of exercise can help with mental health improvement but the latest studies and trends are saying HIIT may be especially helpful. Studies have shown that those that are suffering from mental illnesses tend to have a low desire to exercise and note time consumption as common reasoning. Short HIIT workouts have helped overcome those odds. A program consisting of three 15 minute workouts with 5-minute warm-ups and cooling have provided the following results when studied in those with mental illness: 

  • Decreased BMI
  • Lower resting heart rate
  • Lower pulse pressure 
  • Decreased body weight 
  • Improved mental health scores: lower levels of depression and social avoidance

Strength-based Workouts

When performing a HIIT workout, a large number of people tend to stick with cardio-based exercises. Some people even avoid HIIT altogether due to the fact that they do not believe it can help them with their strength training overall. However, in the latest trends, strength HIIT workouts have been on an upward growth. 

Routines involving bodyweight added weight such as kettlebells, medicine balls, or dumbbells can help increase your heart rate while working your muscles. Just make sure you are doing workouts that include explosiveness like push-ups, kettlebell swings, or squats. Workouts like bench press or lat pull down unfortunately do not fall into this category. 

Mistakes Being Made 

There are a lot of benefits to HIIT and it can do very good for a person’s health and fitness. However, trainers are starting to notice a few mistakes that can severely affect a person’s body and the effectiveness of the workouts. 

For starters, since HIIT is such a high-intensity form of exercise, you need to make sure you have proper form, especially before you add weights. You must master the regular bodyweight exercises first with the correct form so you can avoid injury. Improper form plus weights will undoubtedly lead to injury from putting pressure on the wrong muscles and joints.

Also, it is being noticed and corrected by trainers, when they see those that are not completing a proper warmup. The importance of a warmup comes from the intensity of HIIT, whether strength-based or cardio-based. As intense as the upcoming workout is, the warm-up is even more significant. Moves like hip-opening stretches and thoracic spine rotations are just a couple of examples of what to use for pre-preparation for the actual workout.

Lastly, another mistake being made is people forsaking their recovery. You cannot do workouts of this level of intensity and not prioritize resting. If you do not properly rest you will definitely see less growth and your performance will diminish leading to injury or fatigue.

everything you need to learn about HIIT

Doctor’s Approval

As much as we have boasted about the benefits of HIIT workouts, we would be remiss if we did not mention that it may not be for everybody. Certain populations of people should seek medical expert opinion before partaking in something as intense as HIIT. 

If you are someone who deals with heart issues, are of older age, or overall are an unhealthy individual, this kind of training can do more harm than good. 

Even when you are cleared by a licensed physician you want to start off with simple and short HIIT exercises. 

Group Exercising

Group exercising and HIIT have been trending upward together, mainly because workouts like these are more fun with a partner. The statistics show that more than one in four adults are working out in group fitness classes. It is said that it has overtaken spin and cycling classes as the sixth most popular class taken in gyms worldwide, with continued growth expected. As stated prior, these are short but intense movements that can be tough to do without the encouragement of others. A lot of times, we need the extra “push” and competition that group exercising brings.


All the latest trends are leading to the belief that HIIT is the future of exercising. The widespread growth of the knowledge of this type of workout is bringing health into a more time-efficient, fun, and effective output for the average person. The hope is that this leads to an overall rise in the health and wellness of the world, especially in the United States where that continues to be an issue for its citizens. 

However, we must still pay attention to the trends closely and adhere to any updates or adjustments that will inevitably come in the future. 

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Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.