What Successful Coaches Know That Beginners Should

Daniel A., March 6, 2022

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The word “gatekeeping” is defined as the act of controlling and usually limiting access to something. In some cases, it is understandable to be very protective of certain information as it may prevent impending danger or just not be information that is beneficial for multiple parties to know of. However, when it comes down to passing on information that can push a person’s career to successful heights there shouldn’t be any gatekeeping. 

In the business of coaching, specifically life and wellness coaching, there will always be many others that have paved the way before you and will have information on the ins and outs as well as the ups and downs of the industry. Though you, as a beginner, should seek out that information; those that have been in the field for years prior should be willing to disperse that information to you as a source of education. Luckily, this article is going to share with you some beneficial tips and tools that those that are successful coaches are already utilizing.

What Successful Coaches Know That Beginners Should

Remember to Be Flexible 

Throughout the beginning stages of your new career as a life/wellness coach, there will be a bit of trial and error that goes on. It is rare to start a business venture and still be operating it the same way years down the line. This is the case because along the way you will learn so many new things as well as have to react to the way the world is changing around you. 

Thus you cannot harden your heart towards new ideas and changes going on around you or it will unquestionably lead to the demise of your business. As a coach, you’re a business all in one so you have to be flexible so your business can be flexible in return. 

You may start in a position where certain aspects are not going your way and a pivot in the way you are doing things has to be done to circumvent the situation. Adopting the mindset that this is a part of the growth process will make it less taxing and stressful for when those moments arise.


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Establish Your Niche

Coaching is such an umbrella term because there are many different avenues you can take within it. Even within wellness and life coaching, which are niches themselves, are “sub-niches” that give you a more specific focus on your coaching style. 

Even if you are just beginning you can become a successful coach, here is how

Choosing a niche allows you to market yourself better as a coach. Though you may know several different areas when it comes to marketing it will be tough to market all those factors. We are not advising you to discard all other skills and knowledge you have but you can offer those skills differently. 

Another reason to establish a niche is so that you can easily define your target audience. In defining your audience it becomes simpler to weed out whom you should and should not work with.

Coachable vs Uncoachable

Usually, it is not hard to recognize when you have come across an individual that is not coachable. The best thing you can do if you realize this with a client is to remove yourself from the situation. A lot of times, coaches will waste their time putting in extra effort to try and coach a person that does not want to be coached. As valiant as it may seem, it does not benefit you in the slightest. The money you are making is not worth enough to potentially smear the image of your business if the relationship with the client goes south. You must part ways with that client.

Focus your efforts on those that want your coaching. You will have a much more enjoyable, meaningful time dealing with those that want and deserve your efforts. 

Always Be Willing to Learn

Beyond being a coach, any successful person in this world remains a student of their craft or industry. Educating yourself should never stop for as long as you plan to be active in your career. There are development courses, certifications, or books that are available for you to utilize for improving yourself. You can also seek out a mentor that can help with the continuation of building your knowledge.

A lot of people tend to make excuses as to why they cannot partake in these activities that are beneficial to them. However, it is pertinent that even at your busiest, you are taking time to increase your knowledge and skills. It can seem mundane but this discipline is how the successful people of this world stay successful and ahead of the game.

Have Clear Boundaries for Clients 

If you set clear boundaries for you and the client it benefits both parties because it allows the relationship to have a clear direction and expectation. Clients should be fully aware of what has required of them as well as the penalties they will face if they are not fulfilling their end of the bargain. For example, showing up on time to sessions or timely payments should be very clearly communicated as a priority no matter what prior relationship exists. 

These boundaries and rules should be relayed via a clear, concise contract. The contract is to be explained as soon as it is established the client will be engaging in your services. With the contract in place, the need for uncomfortable conversations diminishes because, in the case of any issue or discrepancy, you and the client can refer to the contract.

Want to become a successful coach? here are some tips for beginners

Do Not Chase After Clients

You should consider it beneath you to chase after clients or potential clients. For instance, if a client doesn’t show up to a session, there is no need to blow up their phone trying to find out where they are or what happened to them. A simple one-time message or call will suffice. The reason behind this thought process is that it can make you look desperate and give the clients a feeling as though they have more power in the situation than they should. 

Also for potential clients, you want them to want to show they want to work with you thus chasing after them to get them to sign up is not a good look for you or your business. It is important that clients and potential clients understand that you want them but do not need them. You are always going to prioritize those that display they wish to participate in your services.

Offer Group and Private Sessions

You can diversify your reach to your target audience by offering both group and private sessions. Of course, the price range will be different with private sessions being the more expensive of the two options. Those that can afford it will take advantage of it, especially clients that are invested in your coaching. Group sessions will still be a worthwhile option and can serve as a way for clients to get their first “taste” of working with you to see if they would invest into private coaching sessions with you. Also, some folk may just be more comfortable in a group setting as opposed to one on one.

Coach for Free

Though this advice has been heavily contested and professionals are split on it, we felt the need to share it anyway. Coming out the gate nobody knows the quality of your services and will likely be wary of spending their money on you. Coaching for free at the beginning of your journey to just a few people so you can build your credibility. 

Offering free sessions to your first clients can be helpful in several ways such as building an organic relationship, having someone that can testify to the quality you provide, and it allows you to see how your program works in real-time. The client will be more lenient with you because they are not paying, so mistakes can be more easily overlooked, which is less pressure for yourself. 

You can utilize the client’s experience they gained from being coached by you for promotion and marketing for yourself. Also, you can offer deals for clients’ referrals and testimonials that will help build your business in popularity, client base, and credibility.  

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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