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Daniel A., December 24, 2021

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Starting your own business can be a daunting task on its own, let alone during a global pandemic. Anyone with a similar business would have the same question – “how to get private yoga clients?”. Sure, it may be more difficult than normal but it is still very much possible.

Becoming a yoga instructor is a great way to help those severely affected by the pandemic, if you are a yoga instructor, you would want to draw in that clientele.

Here is how a yoga business gets more students:

The Best Way to Grow Your Yoga Business is to Promote Yourself On A Consistent Basis

In order to draw in new clients, they have to know that you are looking for them and there are various ways to do so. Promoting yourself through your close relationships is one of the easiest places to start. The people you know the best can act as your first clients and even become some of your most reliable clientele. They are very accessible to you and should have no issue participating in your classes. With their first-hand experience of being in your class, they can pass on the word to those they come in contact with. Word of mouth is still a very viable promotional tool even in the age of social media.

Utilizing Social Media

Speaking of social media, as big of a tool as it has become for a modern-day business, it is still important to know how to properly use it for your benefit. For starters, you have to pinpoint which media work best for the business. Instagram and TikTok are two of the best platforms to help build your clientele. Both give potential clients the ability to communicate directly with you as well as allow them to see pictures and videos that display what your class experience is like. People like to see the “product” before they indulge so it is best to do so on those media. Remember to be consistent with posting content as well, because the algorithms of the sites reward the consistency. Also, include relatable hashtags to increase the audience’s reach for your page.

Building Relationships/Networking

Doing your own physical legwork should not be forgotten in this process either. As a yoga instructor, you should look to align yourself in the community with the local establishments. They’ll they know your services are available. You can start with places such as gyms, spas, and community centers. Leave business cards and flyers for the members and attendees to find. It is important to build a rapport in the community because it allows people to put a face to the name of your business. It will make them more comfortable to become or refer to a future client.

Prices, Deals & Sales

Everyone loves to feel like they are getting a deal on an item or a service. This is important to keep in mind when pricing your classes and yoga experiences that you’re offering.

It is all right to have your prices based on what you feel is deserving of your efforts and the services you provide. However, it’s important but does remember that these are tough and unusual times for most. Keep prices fair for the patron, you don’t want to appear to be “too expensive”. Check the pricing of your competitors and fellow instructors to get a good sense of what to charge for your services.

However, extending deals and sales is another way to attract new clients. Promotions such as “bring a friend and get half off”, “30% off with purchase of a monthly subscription”, “Book a session and get a free yoga mat until…”, etc. These tactics are just basic suggestions for any growing yoga business to peak the interest of new clientele. The hope is they will come for the deal and stay long-term for the experience.

Be Flexible

Most people, in general, prefer to work in environments that can bend and adapt to their needs. Once you decide to take the challenge of being a yoga instructor, you then take on the task of being relied upon by clients daily. The best thing you can do for them is to be flexible. This includes broadening your hours of operations beyond the standard ‘9a-5p’. Expand the range in which you’re willing to travel, even providing 1 on 1 opportunity for those that prefer it.

Offer Online Sessions

As previously mentioned we are currently living through an unprecedented time. In order to be successful in it, there need to be unprecedented actions to combat it. For starters, the world has transitioned to being online more than ever. With so many working from home, they try to keep all other aspects of their lives within the confines of their homes as well.

A part of being flexible for a yoga instructor now includes using Zoom or any other teleconferencing applications. Though a lot of complications can come up utilizing these, one cannot brush away the benefits that come with being able to reach someone in their home without physically being there. Also, you are able to reach multiple people in one session, which is beneficial to your business and personal time. Still, you shouldn’t forsake your in-person meetings as some folk may want to escape the feeling of being trapped in their homes and seek time outside of it.

Add Your Own Creative Touch

Standing out and being different from your peers by adding new ideas and experiences to your classes or services can help keep your current clientele and be a catalyst for new ones. For example, some instructors have added aromatherapy, different types of music, even included animals. The standard yoga techniques and traditions are not always sought after and can become mundane to some. Offering different experience types for classes can help you draw new diverse clients.  

Provide Top Tier Customer Service

We all have had experiences in an establishment or with a business that left us with such a sour feeling that we never wanted to deal with them again. Experiences like this can be the absolute detriment of your business because word of mouth can spread to the Internet. Before you know it, people that do not know you nor have personally been slighted by you have a negative opinion of your business.

Always treat your clients and potential clients with the same respect you would want to be shown. Even in times of disagreement, there is no room for unnecessary rude remarks, purposely-underwhelming service, or an overall pessimistic attitude. Prioritize finding solutions to all issues and showing up to every aspect of the job with a positive attitude and good spirits. Good news spreads. When others who are yet to become a part of your network hear of your positive qualities. it’s a big add-on to the actual service you’re providing. In turn, potential clients feel more comfortable dealing with you not just in the yoga studio but also in doing actual business. This is the secret to the question of how to run digital marketing for a yoga studio.

Transparency & Organization

Another key aspect is responding in a timely manner. Some days are understandably busier than others however it is important to be transparent with those who need to contact you. Make sure they know what are the best times to contact you and the expected wait time for responses back to their questions or concerns. Most importantly, stick to what you started. If your commitment is to respond within 24 hours then do whatever is possible to maintain that. A way for this to be enhanced is to stay organized. Remaining organized can help you easily sort through all the tasks that need to be tended to on a daily basis. It will relieve the personal stress of having to make timely responses. It gives off a great first impression and is very professional to prospective clients when they have questions or needs to be met in a timely fashion.

Get to Know Your Clients 

Lastly, you want to be friendly. Friendly is different from just being personable because it makes it a small step past simply being kind. You want to learn the names of your clients and their stories. Find out why they want to partake in yoga, why they chose you to be their instructor, and their favorite part of the class. This simple interaction can answer a lot of questions for your future as an instructor. You’ll learn your personal strengths and find out how most clients discover your services. The knowledge of this information allows you to pinpoint where you need to focus in order to efficiently build your entire operation.

Authenticity is a Major Key

The absolute best action you can do to attract new clients is to be yourself and stay true to your brand. Your brand and style are representative of you. You want those that partake in your classes/services to know and feel that. It is easy to get caught up in trying to copy someone else because you see what he or she is doing and it works for him or her. The biggest misconception is thinking about what works for others will always work for you. Not to say that you can’t apply certain aspects of others to yourself but it is important to use discretion. Whatever you define as your niche or style utilize it to the best of your abilities.

Persona App Can Help Your Business

A lot of great and important tips have been shared thus far in the article and hopefully, you can put each into good use on your path to get private yoga clients. However, the one aspect that has not been mentioned is the usefulness of Persona. This app offers so many tools that can assist you in your overall goal of attracting new clients.

Persona can help you stay organized with your clients, a key point mentioned above. The app coordinates all of your financial information (even taxes) necessary and client scheduling. The ability for the app to do this digitally allows for you to have more time to work “on” your business. You can utilize your business’s social media, come up with fresh ideas, network, and overall focus on the actual service you’re providing. Using Persona is extremely simple, and will take a big load off of your shoulders as a service provider.

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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