How to Charge Clients for Coaching

Cesia M., July 28, 2021

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I’m sure you have wondered about the best possible ways to collect payments as a coach. There are so many apps out there that say they are easy to use but they fail to mention the extra fees and they end up being hard to use not only for you but for paying clients. That so, we made it our mission to find a solution for coaches like yourself to bank stress-free. 

Not receiving payments on time?

Collecting payments for customers is sometimes harder than it has to be. Clients can forget to pay, you forget to collect payments, etc. So finding a way to collect payments easily and efficiently is very important.  As a coach you are busy training clients, recording videos, managing your website, and so on. You don’t have time to be checking on every client’s payments. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to send out reminders to customers when their payments are due or when they are late on a payment?  That is why you need a reliable banking app to help you run your coaching business. You can read our full article about how to attract coaching clients.

We have carefully designed a mobile banking app that is going to blow your mind! After so much research and time. We have created Persona. Persona can send clients notifications when there is an upcoming payment due and it will send you notifications when you are owed money. Say goodbye to late payments! You as a coach have bills to pay so not receiving payments on time is not something you should tolerate. This mobile banking app is super easy to use and super easy for clients to use. 

Hassle-Free Payment Collection

We are aware that not everyone is a tech genius and sometimes these banking apps can be very confusing to use. Sometimes so confusing that you have to call to get assistance. The problem with that is that money times it’s not a real person on the line. It is a machine helping you. This may be super frustrating for individuals. This is why we have made it so there is someone always there to help you if you do run into problems. This is very unlikely since Persona is easy and clear to navigate. As a coach, you not only have to think about yourself but of your clients as well. So finding that reliable banking method is super important for your business.

There are some payment collecting apps that are better suited for coaching services online while others are better suited for in-person clients. Nowadays many clients take both online and in-person clients. So it’s important they find a payment collection option that works for both. But that’s not all, there are coaches that have online training books, or they do meal prepping. They need to find a way to also receive payments for those things too. So you need to find an app that allows you to do all this and receive payments as smoothly as possible.

Pay No Fees!

Most of the time as a coach, you are in charge of your own bookkeeping. In doing this you have to create a system where no money you are receiving gets lost. In doing this, it usually requires you to use at least two different apps. You can read our full article about apps for health coaches. We have made it so when you are using Persona, it automatically takes notes of the payments being received, the day it was received, and who sent the payment. We do the bookkeeping for you. 

Another thing to look into when receiving payments as a coach is to look at the fees before choosing the best app to use as a coach. Coaches generally have multiple fees in just running a successful coaching business. For instance, if you are doing in-person training you need to travel to and from your home or to where you’re meeting your clients. You are paying for traveling from those locations. Then you have to pay for the platform you are posting your virtual personal training videos on. And you also have to put into consideration the normal fees it takes to run a business, the internet, office supplies, workout gear, etc. There are so many small and large fees to take into consideration. So by just switching onto a free mobile banking app, it makes quite the difference. The great thing about using Persona is that it is a free app for personal trainers charge. With most mobile banking apps, you have to pay for withdrawals, monthly fees. Persona doesn’t charge for any of those items. 

As a coach, you have to look into a financial and business management platform that works best for you. 

You Need Less Stress

Another great feature to look into is for an app that not only takes care of the payments but also takes care of the scheduling. A two in one. After much research, we wanted to create an app that included both of these things. This way you won’t have to have multiple apps on your phone, you can just have one that takes care of it all. We know how valuable the space in your phone is, so having those apps that take care of multiple things at once is a plus. 

The life of a coach is super stressful which is why finding ways to make the job easier is a must. Doing research and trying out new things will help you a lot in managing stress. Sure not everything is going to work out. But at least you are going out of your way to try new ways to help run your business smoother. There are so many things that contribute to a coach’s stress. Whether it’s your personal life, coaching clients, finding clientele, bills, figuring out a payment system, etc. We want to take a few of those stress factors off your list. Let Persona worry about the payments while you just focus on training clients. Every change helps and using Persona is a change that will benefit you drastically. We have put in so much time and effort in creating a mobile banking app for you. Easy to use and reliable. 

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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