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Daniel A., February 10, 2022

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When going into business for yourself, you will need to sign up for a variety of social platforms that can allow you to expose your business to a larger crowd. Though signing up for a social media account seems like a simple task that anyone can do, there are some aspects to it that require keen attention.

The goal is to be able to interact and grow your personal training business so you must structure your social media and website to reflect that. One of the biggest influences on this is the bio that you write. 

Your bio will be the most read piece of your social media profile or website. A bio exists to give someone who does not know what you are about or what you do some insight into those answers. Even in a career such as being a personal trainer, having a bio that accurately depicts who you are, what you do, and what you have accomplished is very important. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of fitness and personal trainers is expected to grow by 10% through 2026. This means you have to try even harder to stand out from the pack because there will be more trainers to choose from.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as writing a bio is more than just giving background information about yourself. Potential clients should feel like they are able to connect with you before even having an actual conversation with you. 

Less About You, More About The Client

A great personal trainer bio should be written with your customer in mind. Yes, you do need to tell your story but it is key how you approach telling the story. Your story shouldn’t come off as braggadocious or boastful also it shouldn’t come off as too modest either.

You want to be able to achieve a balance where you tell your story and accomplishments but in a manner that promotes inspiration to potential clientele. Thankfully, in today’s day and age, we have the internet where we can be guided through how to perfectly craft bios through sample personal trainer bio examples. Also, articles like this will give you advice on how to approach this important part of your business’s promotion.

Personal Trainer Bio Examples
Personal Trainer Bio Examples


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Show Your Understanding of The Client

You want to be able to display to your client that you understand them and their pain points. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and ask yourself how they feel about their fitness goals and fears.

Clients want to feel like you can empathize with them in where they struggle thus your personal trainer bio should give personal anecdotes that detail your struggle as a relatable feeling. However, that relatable feeling should be followed by words of encouragement that show your resilience and how you overcame. 

Keep It Simple

Ease of understanding is important, so when you put together your bio you want to have it maintain a simplistic nature to it for someone who is reading it. Prioritize keeping it concise and organized without too much content within it.

The vocabulary used throughout it should be kept to a level that all can understand. Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations because most may not know what you are referring to as they do not hold the same degrees and knowledge in the field as you do. You can make use of a personal trainer bio template free of charge online to view how this can be done well.

Another way to keep your bio easily understandable is to make sure you are writing in the first person. This way of writing makes a client reading your bio feel like they are being talked to instead of being talked at. It stands as a good way to make a personal connection without physically being with each other. Thus small details like using “you” instead of “my clients” inside of your bio can make a big difference.

Tell What You Can Do For the Client 

Highlighting what you can do for the client beyond just supplying them with workouts. Your choice of words should be descriptive and concrete. The goal is to clearly lay out the benefits of working with you as their personal trainer but simultaneously showing why they should believe that you are the best for them. 

Personal Trainer Bio Examples for Instagram

For example, a potential client may be comparing personal trainers to each other in order to decide who they want to work with. However, the trainers’ bios are very different as one trainer is straightforward saying he gets results and that is it. The other expresses that he does get results but he also focuses on your lifestyle, performance, and mindset. A potential client will more than likely feel more comfortable with a trainer that will assist with their needs beyond just the physical aspects. 

Overall, the bio on your site needs to be able to clearly tell a client that you are able to assist them with their lives outside of working out and essentially are giving them more “bang for their buck.” Feel free to make use of personal trainer bio templates to aid in figuring out how you want to layout this aspect.

Include Important Information

It can seem redundant for someone to advise you to “include important information” however it must be reinforced because it can be forgotten. Also, you must prioritize what exactly is considered important. 

As it was said before, you want to keep the bio simple and understandable. This includes making sure it isn’t too lengthy, not using advanced vocabulary, and overall easy to grasp the purpose of. However, you must not keep it so simple that you do not add in pertinent facts and information that should be included.

Information such as degrees and certifications, special training, links to features in publications and media should be entered into the bio. In addition to everything else, you have these to bolster and sell yourself to potential clients that are deciding whether to work with you.

You shouldn’t forsake your contact information either. Some prefer to put their contact information in a different section of their sites, but it can be advantageous for a personal trainer to include at least a hyperlink that leads to their media or booking site. A potential client can be reading your bio and providing your booking site directly under your bio can give the client opportunity to take immediate action.  

Personal Trainer Bio Instagram

In 2022, it is abundantly clear that your business needs to be represented on social media. Instagram has evolved into a platform where a lot of people are promoting and operating their businesses. As a personal trainer, you may have looked at a few personal trainer bio templates but they will not be able to help you specifically for Instagram.

Bio Examples for Personal Trainers

Instagram gives you a limited amount of space to utilize thus every word needs to be meaningful towards getting your point across and providing the necessary information a client needs to see. Here are some tips that can help you put together a powerful Instagram bio for your personal training business that you will not see on a personal trainer bio template:

  • Use Keywords: Include words that often show up in searches, focus on what the client needs as opposed to yourself. Examples of keyword usage- “HIIT training”, “Spinning studio”, “Yoga” 
  • Inspirational & Impactful Phrases: Using inspiring words can make a huge difference to the people who follow you, sometimes words like “diet” or “losing weight” does not come off appealing as needed and require a substitute word or phrase such as “nutrition” or “shred”
  • Elevator Pitch Formula: Be able to summarize exactly what you do, who you help, and how long it takes in a sentence or two. 
  • Relatable Emojis: Using emojis can make your bio more attractive and easier to read. They can also help you if you are color coordinating your page.
  • Utilize the Link: Instagram gives you the option to include one link to your page. Most people use it to link to their website’s homepage however it is recommended that you link it to a portion of your site that can collect their info. 
  • Story Highlights: Story highlights is a part of the bio that can really help aid in branding, promoting services, or relaying important information especially since there is no limit to how much you can add to them.

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.