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Cesia M., July 28, 2021

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The beauty business is rapidly evolving. Now you don’t have to work at a salon to get clients. You can run your salon business from home (so to speak). That may sound relaxing and easy to do. But there are so many challenges that come with it. After talking to people running their own beauty business at home they have said that in order to run a successful business from home, you need to be organized, and determined.

The world of an at-home beauty business

Nowadays, we see many lash artists/eyebrow artists/makeup artists working from home. They need to find room in their home to run a successful beauty business. But that’s not all, they also need clients. Working from home is different from working from a salon because when working at a salon, people can just walk in at any given moment. As for working from home, people don’t know about your service. To them, that is just a house but to you, it’s your “office”. This is why marketing your beauty through social media is very important. The majority of home beauty businesses count on social media to reach potential clients.

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Marketing and Promotion is Key

If you happen to not know much about marketing, that is okay! You can look up how to market your business and there are plenty of videos online showing how to market your business. Luckily for you, there are apps like Instagram, that pretty much do the work for you. Making sure you have consistent content on your business social media account is crucial. Be sure to post a couple of times a week and most importantly, make sure what you post is good content. By “good content,” I mean that people want to see good quality pictures. You don’t want overly edited or blurry pictures. And make sure that what you post is related to what you are offering. 

Another thing you can do is create business cards. Business cards are a great way to reach people. You can give out cards to shops that are willing to have your cards displayed. Or you can even give a few cards to close friends and family so they can hand them out. There have been many times when I see a girl with amazing eyelash extensions or eyebrows and I ask who does their lashes and eyebrows and they don’t happen to remember their social media account name. Times like these, I wish they would be carrying a card with them so then I would’ve gotten their lash/eyebrow girls’ information. 

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Online is important… but don’t neglect offline marketing!

Another thing you can do to promote your business is to create flyers. Putting up flyers on bulletin boards is a great way to reach people. You would be surprised but many people are not very into social media. Some don’t even have social media. So by creating flyers you can be reaching a different crowd of people. 

Going back to social media, one way for your account to get exposure is by having giveaways. Giveaways are contests where you are giving away something or service and people have to follow steps in order to qualify in winning what you are giving away. An example of a giveaway can be, “Repost this picture and tag 3 friends to be entered in the giveaway where you can get free eyelash extensions or a free brow shape up, winners will be chosen next week.” Having giveaways are great because you reach people you wouldn’t normally reach just because they were either tagged in the post or they saw the report. By making the giveaways easy to enter in, it makes it so more people enter than normally wouldn’t. People love free things so everyone is going to want to enter. Many times people will even enter the giveaway more than once. 

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Treat clients as friends

A good thing about having a beauty business is that people always come back. You can read our full article about how to attract coaching clients. For example, when doing eyelash extensions, that requires clients to come back to get a fill every 2-3 weeks. So they have to come back to get their eyelashes done by you. The majority of lash artists don’t work on lashes done by someone else. So unless your client really hates your work, to the point where they are willing to pay extra to get their extensions taken off and replaced by new ones they will be coming back. In order to keep happy customers. You need to provide them with spectacular lashes and service. From experience, I’ve noticed that in the case of some lash artists once they start a cosmetology business and achieve some success, they start treating customers poorly.

To ensure you keep customers, you have to make sure they feel comfortable and they feel like you care. When customers leave unsatisfied with your service, they will most likely tell their friends and their friends and so on. That is bad for business. Your home beauty business is counting on these customers. 

You will come to realize that your clients will many times become your friends. While you are providing them with your service, they will talk to you like they were in a therapy session. Your 1-2 hour service is a time for them to vent. This is why it’s important for you to show that you care and are listening to them.

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Set Growth Goals

When you first get your cosmetology license and start your home beauty business it can be very challenging. Many times when people are first starting out they are still working their everyday job or attending school or even both. It’s up to you to take the time to plan your business and find clients. A good way to think when first starting, is to imagine this was your only option. Doing that will lead you to try harder and not give up. Setting goals for your business is also important. 

Making a list of the goals you have in mind will really help you. You will be determined to start checking off the goals on your list. Once you start checking off goals, that is the most rewarding feeling. You will feel like you can run an empire. And you can! You just have to be willing to put in the work and time. Nothing comes easy in life, all it takes is dedication and never giving up on your dream. To learn more about how to start your own cosmetology business read our next article!

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