Why Your Mental Health Matters for Your Business

Daniel A., January 31, 2022

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Oftentimes when discussing business we usually omit conversing about personal health. We talk so much about the hard work it takes, all the strategies, and overall logistical aspects. Although all of those topics are indeed important, there seems to be not nearly enough conversations surrounding personal health and even deeper mental health.

Your health is the backbone of your business more so than any other piece of the business. Simply put, if you are not healthy enough to go through your day-to-day activities at an efficient and productive rate then your business is essentially going to fail. It’s actually shameful how we tend to neglect to check in on ourselves or coworkers about their personal health.

In the same vein, mental health is just as important as your overall physical health. Mental health doesn’t always show itself in actual characteristics that can be seen. Sometimes it takes a lot of self-evaluation and maybe even hearing opinions from others to realize your mental health is not where it should be. Either way, there is no room to forsake your mental wellness.

Mental health contributes to business success

Prioritizing Yourself 

The issue that usually happens is that people tend to put the needs of the business in front of their own. Of course, there are moments and reasons that this sacrifice has to be made but there has to be a healthy balance that favors yourself over the business. You always need to process through your mind that if you are not at your best the business can’t possibly stay at its best either. Prioritize giving yourself breaks, not being so hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish certain goals, and appreciate even the smallest victories. For more in-depth information on the subject, consider reading our article about how to manage time as a personal trainer. It’s applicable to most of the self-employed.

Persona Can Help Your Mental Health 

There are not many, if any, apps at all that can help with a businessman’s mental health from a financial standpoint. Financial issues are one of the top reasons for mental health decline. Persona realizes that running a business is one of the most stressful and frustrating tasks you can take on, so they decided to take on part of that frustration for you.

The app includes hassle-free scheduling that allows for you to easily schedule your clients, a booking and personal trainer payment options where clients can pay and schedule themselves for services, they assist with getting you and your business tax breaks, and much more.

Most importantly the app is completely free for its users, with no in-app purchases either. We’ve also worked hard on creating content around how to get more clients and grow your business. Thus when we are talking about mental health and alleviating stress and frustration, Persona is top of the list of prioritizing clients’ mental health needs. 

Defining Mental Health

Mental health in its simplest form is an individual’s well-being. It’s that individual’s ability to handle and cope with stress, work, social spaces, and personal challenges. There is a stigma that mental health has a certain look to it however there isn’t a “face” of someone who is dealing with mental health issues. Mental health is a spectrum and those who are struggling with it can be anywhere from very mild to extreme.

When it comes to business mental health is an absolute necessity and companies must invest time and finances into assuring that all who work for them have the opportunity to have their needs met. Positive mental health at work helps cope with changing roles and responsibilities as well as difficult challenges. It helps with workflow to reach its highest potential productivity level.

Business Risks Surrounding Poor Mental Health  

In any business when all employees and management have mental health that is highly healthy the operation is blissful. On the other hand, when the mental health of the workers has deteriorated there are a lot of issues that can arise that can be bad for business.

  • Health and Safety Protocols: If your business operates whilst using potentially hazardous machines or dangerous tools then it is imperative that those utilizing them are mentally healthy. Poor mental health can lead to careless behavior and that can lead to unfortunate accidents. 
  • Work Environment: The physical environment of the workplace is important. On the daily, employees want to feel welcomed and comfortable so if the workplace is the opposite of that it will in turn lower mental health levels, you’ll lose staff and reduce profitability.
  • Communication: In any business communication is a key part of the entire operation from top to bottom. However poor mental health makes this difficult. It can lead to misunderstandings and overreactions to each other which makes for a toxic environment overall. 
  • Decision Making: Business is all about making decisions everyday. Poor mental health can lead to unhealthy thoughts, impulsiveness, and overall poor decision making. Poor decision making can lead to disregarding company policy or making bad choices for the future of your business which will eventually lead to decline of the business.

Signs Your Business Is Going Through A Mental Health Crisis

Don't neglect your mental health

Poor mental health in your workplace can show up in one or many of the following ways.

  • Disengaged Employees
  • Poor Communication
  • High Turnover
  • Safety Liabilities 
  • Poor job performance
  • Low Productivity 
  • Poor decision-making
  • Decreased Profits

Ways You Can Promote Mental Health In Your Business

Businesses are divided between the employer and employee and both need to do their part to promote mental health wellness in the workplace. The following are some ways that both can utilize to do so:

As an Employer you can:

  • Implement Employee Assistance Program: This program assists employees with personal or work related issues that may be negatively affecting their job performance. Issues such as relationship challenges, traumatic events, legal problems, wellness matters and so much more would be provided at no cost to the employees.
  • Relaxation Spaces: This can be a room or open space where employees can release stress and frustration and rest their bodies during their breaks.
  • Self Assessment Tools: Tools such as quizzes and questionnaires that have the ability to help employees dive into their mental fortitude and see where they stand. The tools can be about mood, work-life balance, or mental health checks. 
  • Free or Subsidized Services: Giving employees less expensive and easy access to mental health professionals.
  • Health insurance for personal trainer with Mental Health Benefits: Employees would receive benefits that include options for mental health meds and counseling.

As an Employee you can:

  • Participate in Employer Programs: Companies will only offer programs and activities that the employees are willing to show they are interested in meaning you should involve yourself in them.
  • Communicate with Fellow Coworkers: Share your experiences with others so that others who may be dealing with similar challenges feel more comfortable going out and seeking help for themselves.
  • Practice Coping Skills: Coping skills include positive self-talk, deep breaths, healthy communication, etc.
  • Practice Self Care: Use your breaks at work to do activities that promote self care such as meditating, going for a walk, or any activity that creates happiness and peace for yourself.
  • Take Care of Physical Health: Eat healthy, exercise, and get proper sleep so that when you go into work you’re fit enough to make it through the day’s activities.
  • Make Social Connections: It can only benefit your mental health to have friendly relationships within the workplace so you do not become isolated and lonely.

Facts and Statistics

The World Health Organization reports that every dollar spent towards mental health treatment for common disorders gives a 4 dollar return on investment based on improved productivity and health. Also reported is that 1 of every 5 adults will deal with some mental illness every year. Any business or organization wins twofold in investing in mental health wellness because you can help your employees and business simultaneously.

An employee that goes without having his mental illness treated will perform significantly less effective than his peers. The Center for Disease Control states that depression reduces cognitive performance by 35% and decreases their ability to do physical tasks by 20%. Thus it is way more advantageous to provide your employees with the care they need than not to.

mental fortitude = business success

Redefining Mental Health for Your Business

No longer should mental health be treated as something that only happens to a certain person or it only looks a certain way. Mental health wellness tools are something every person deserves to have access to, especially at their place of work. In years past, mental health has been treated as a perk to have a part of a business. Now it needs to be treated as a “must-have” in businesses.   

We are currently experiencing unprecedented times in our world all over and it can be a lot to handle for anyone. Thus we are in more need of these services and tools than we ever could have imagined. As a business owner, you should not only provide the tools and access to services but personally check in with those who work with and for you.

Also, make sure you are honest with yourself because being a business owner doesn’t exempt one from suffering from mental illness. As an employee, you need to be able to acknowledge when you are dealing with issues and be able to utilize the provided opportunities that can help you so you can be the best worker possible. 

Persona is also doing its part in supporting mental health for the self-employed. We’ve built our platform in a way that enables us to offer every feature 100% for free and we try to create as much content as possible that is similar to what you’re reading right now. Persona is constantly being voted one of the best apps for anyone who is self-employed.

Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. it's 100% free, download it now.


Persona is the #1 management platform for independent business owners. Download it now, it's 100% free.

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